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My God, Is This Site Still Here?

Wowzers, long time no blog, my chitlins. The Angry Old Fat Man here, and I'm still angry, old, and fat. A tiny bit less in the fat department, but the rest of the adjectives have gotten much worse.

Lots of health issues for Yours Truly since the last post, but no need to go into all that. Suffice it to say I'm still alive, no matter how some hospitals and/or doctors have tried to snuff me out.

Crazy Duck Lady has been trotting along as well, working from her laptop while sitting on the couch, being accosted by her boss and our little yippy dogs, all six of them. We had ten of them in the house at one time because our Bishon-Yorkie-mix mother dog was so prolific, but I couldn't put up with that many indoor dogs, so we sold the ones Mary Anne could part with.

So much for catching you up to the latest in our personal lives, now let's move on to everybody else today. We seem to be residents of Clown World in 2022. Everything is nowhere near common sense reality. Some people have even forgotten what a woman is, and forgotten any biology they were taught in elementary school. Why is all this happening? Mainly because the clowns took over and got Trump thrown out and replaced with... Joe Biden.

Back during the 2020 Presidential election, I predicted what would happen to us Americans under a Biden administration. To show any-and-everyone how absolutely clairvoyant I am, I made a Youtube video where I stated all of my predictions, which also date-stamped them.

Two years later, practically all of them have come true.

I'll put a link to the video below for your perusal: