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My Oldest Boy… And Dog News.

It is I, the Angry Old Fat One, and it's been a long time since we last commented. A long time, and a great many events have passed.

First, Dixie Belle became a little dog mommy. She had 4 puppies that my wife, the Loony Tunes Duck Woman, decided to name after Friends show characters - Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross.

They were the tiniest things I ever saw. They began growing fairly quickly, though, and became a lot more trouble than we could take.

A little while after their eyes opened.

We decided we could find owners for 2 of the 4 puppies, and so Monica and Rachel got a new home. We kept Phoebe, the largest puppy, and Ross (who we jokingly call Boss sometimes), the runt of the litter. But the cutest little guy by far! Dog life is good life right now.

Second, my oldest son turned 30. The big three-oh.
He had for a few years requested that I make him a special birthday present - a painting. A seascape much like the one I did back about 33 years ago, that I had hanging in every house we ever lived in. He wasn't very specific about the scene involved, so I decided to model it after a photo of a pier that a hurricane knocked down a few years ago. Also, his brother got some wood from the destroyed pier and set that up as his offering for the birthday.

I finally felt confident enough in my health to do the painting. I found all my tools to do it, took a few days, and now Zack has a framed canvas with my contribution, and it seems he was extremely happy with it. Here it is:

Love you, son. May you see love and happiness for the rest of your days.