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Hey babies, it's the Angry Old Fat Man again, touching base with all of Mary Anne's/Olivia Outlaw's readers.


News item #1: Olivia Outlaw has completed Book Two of the Carnal Collateral series: Devil's Demand. It's currently out on the Amazon Kindle. Which leads me to...

News item #2: The buttons that allow you to buy Mary Anne's/Olivia's books from other vendors besides Amazon may be dead for awhile. You see, Amazon has some new ways of distributing e-books, especially if you're a voracious reader (like many of you aficionados of romance novels), and we are now participating in these new methods of distribution.

One is called Kindle Unlimited, and it's a lot like Netflix for e-books, except better. You pay a monthly fee to enjoy access to over half-a-million titles on your Kindle or any other device that can use the Kindle store.

The other one is only for Kindle owners with Amazon Prime, and it's called Kindle Owner's Lending Library. You can "borrow" books FOR NO ADDITIONAL COST other than your Amazon Prime account, and that's in addition to all of the other benefits you get from that service.

There's only one bit of bad news. For authors to participate in these Amazon programs, they must publish exclusively via Amazon for at least a few months. No Barnes and Noble, no Smashwords, no other vendors for those months - just Amazon.

News item #3: I fixed the links to Olivia's book covers that were not correct. They look OK now, but if you find one that isn't, please contact me or Mary Anne and I'll get it working right.

Thanks, sweeties, and remember, don't get angry. THAT'S MY JOB!

Hey babies, it's your rockin' and rollin' favorite angry old fat dude here. It's been a long time since the last post, so I just wanted to reassure you, Mary Anne's/Olivia Outlaw's readers, that we're doing OK and nothing super bad or good has happened. We're just busier, that's all.

A second job for yours truly has resulted in more neglect to the website, and the Crazy Duck Lady has had her full-time hours reinstated for her day job, so she has less time to grind away at video slots the latest books in her two ongoing projects, the Carnal Collateral male/male series and the Forever faerie series.

Well, I finally had to break down and update some more behind-the-scenes stuff on the website. Of course it had stabilized so now Yahoo is hard at work trying to screw it up again. At any rate, I got the updating done tonight, so the site should comply with their little rules and regulations and they can stop bothering me so I can stop thinking about ripping their faces off and rubbing course sea salt onto their raw exposed face muscles and letting diseased rats chew on their fatty little cheekbones.

Night night! Sleep tight! Don't let the rodents bite!

P.S. I'll update the website a little more soon with proper cover pictures while Mary Anne gets her freak on with the man-on-man action.

Hey guys, it's me, the hubby.

As promised before, the Sultan's Toy Bundle is now up and available for the Kindle. We're having some technical difficulties getting it onto Barnes and Noble for the Nook, but we're working on it.

That's not the only place where gremlins have chosen to attack.

Too late...
Too late... I hate you little bastards...

The website has been going blinky at times, saying "Error in connecting to database" or some such thing. It looks to me as if the current WordPress version has problems with spam busting it open, but who knows. All I know is I'm the poor schmuck who's got to deal with it. Called tech support the first couple of times it happened and got them to fix it. I then think I figured out how to fix it myself.

As I was typing up this post, it tried to go sideways AGAIN. Ugh... what a pain in the ass.

I swear, if this keeps up, I'm moving this stuff over to GoDaddy... for obvious reasons:

Highly technical reasons.
Highly technical reasons.


It's the fat guy, dropping you a quick line to tell you Book Four in the Sultan's Toy novella series is up. I'm updating the website as I get to it; the fourth book should be in the side bar soon.

Also, another thing that's going to be there and on the Olivia Outlaw book list page is the Sultan's Toy Bundle. As soon as I get it assembled and stuff and update the website and do the cha-cha and alphabetize my spices and run with scissors and make a mountain out of a molehill and slay the dragon and divide by zero and stop typing "and" and adding silly phrases with the aforementioned conjunction junction, what's yo' function... hookin' boxcars and makin' 'em run right...

Hello again, mi amigos! The Fat Man here and rocking your world.


Confession time: I've been slack. Olivia Outlaw came out with a new novella, the third book in her Sultan's Toy series: Consumed on the first of March and I didn't update the webpage to show it.

Well, I'm here to make amends to you, the reader, and to my diligent waifu, Olivia/Mary Anne.

You'll now see on the sidebar and on the appropriate book list webpage the very thing I neglected, the third Sultan's Toy book.

Also, as a penance to the author and possibly to a select few of you readers out there, here is a duckling we can relate to:


Hi there boys and girls and otherwise, it's the overweight luvah Heavy AOFM comin' atcha.

I finally got around to shoring up the decrepit version of WordPress we were running the site on. All - well, most - of the behind-the-scenes stuff is shiny and new, but hopefully you, our loyal readers, won't notice anything too different on the outside of the website...


I've taken the first steps to incorporate Mary Anne's new nasty author alter-ego Olivia Outlaw. All of Mary Anne's books are still in the same old place, but now Olivia has her own list. Granted, it's only got one novella on it right now, but it'll be getting more filled out soon enough. Mary Anne is working feverishly to get Book Two of The Sultan's Toy erotic romance novella series out, and we should be seeing it in the next few weeks.

In the meanwhile, take a look at the sidebar, and the top menu, and the page list, etc. etc. for all the new stuff on YOUR side of the site.

Until later, my pretties, keep it on the topside.

AOFM outties.


Hello again kiddies! AOFM here! It's almost that time... CHRISTMAS HELL YEAH!

Just wanted to give you some quick updates here.

  1. Romancing The Rose.
  2. Mary Anne worked hard and put up her latest full-length novel Romancing The Rose (The Lovely Lairds) on Nook and on Smashwords. I have added the buttons and links for them on the book list page underneath the book's entry.

  3. Fixed up some of the other books.
  4. I saw where I had been neglectful in adding buttons for the vendors of Mary Anne's other books. I got those buttons on there and sorted out, along with some other things on the book pages of vendor websites themselves.

  5. Getting the plan together for the BIG SECRET.
  6. The BIG SECRET. Well, let me reveal it. Mary Anne has decided to get into... Erotica. She is going to write it under a pen name: Olivia Outlaw.

    These are going to be shorter texts, more along the lines of novellas than full-fledged novels. They're also going to be more explicit and explore other types of couplings (or... triplings? I don't know what kind of nasty things she has roaming around in that crazy duck skull of hers).

    Her first foray into this new venture is The Sultan's Toy - Book One: Captured is currently available on Smashwords and a few other places, so check it out... if you're nasty. LOL!

    I will be updating the website soon to accommodate this new fork in the road of Quacking Alone Romances' destiny.

    Until then, peace out. And MERRY CHRISTMAS WOOHOO!!!


Hey boys and girls, it's your favorite brick-throwing angry guy here, still married to the Duck Woman What Writes All Them Booksies.

She's just finished up a new one, and I've done the cover, and it's now on the Kindle.

It's called Romancing The Rose (The Lovely Lairds).

Apparently, she's got a series of these books about some Lovely Lairds running around in that noggin of hers, trying to escape through her fingers onto a laptop keyboard. Beats me, I just do the pictures.

Anyway, here's a link to the book on our book list page, where you can look at the cover and click the button to go to the Amazon page and purchase the e-book for your Kindle or other compatible device.

And of course, we will make the book available on other devices/platforms/what-have-you in the near future.

Mary Anne also has a surprise announcement which will be forthcoming very soon. Some of you may already know about it. Here's a hint.

Peace and love and Merry Damn Christmas y'all.

AOFM out.

Hello kiddies, it's the AOFM again, coming out of his little hidey-hole like an enormous cursing, meth-and-Tourette's-Syndrome-riddled prairie dog with rabies and jock itch.

Just wanted to tell you that Mary Anne's latest 3-for-2 deal is up on the website - The Dangerous Relations Bundle. That's right, you can now buy her three contemporary romances (Seducing the Billionaire, Griffin's Law, and The Office Ink) and get one of them absolutely free!

But hey, the "get one free" deal only works if you buy the other two. So do it today! It's available for the Kindle, Nook, and many other readers via Smashwords.

ALSO - it's a big secret so don't tell anybody, OK? - Mary Anne's romances are now available on Kobo! You know, it's a new site, if the hoi polloi hear about it then it'll get all crowded and you can't get in, yada yada yada... anyways, the bundle will show up there soon. Coming soon as well are buttons to allow you to purchase all the books from the book list page on Kobo.

Oh well, back in the hole I go... GAEIWNDLF)(@&&#@*^^%#!*&^!