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The description of this epi worries me a bit.  It says Derek and Callie collaborate on a brain-mapping project.  Last week's epi ended with a showdown between Mer and Der.  So, Der may be in a bad place - feeling like he's being blamed for something he didn't do - those choices were Meredith's.  And Callie?  She's all over the map right now - a real emotional roller coaster.   They're already close enough for confidences based on the time Callie lived with Mer/Der.  I don't want them getting any closer -- that's what I'm saying.

There's Der lecturing interns about a new brain-mapping computer program - using the thoughts of a paraplegic about movement to demo.  Of course, they see something irregular on the paraplegic's brain during the study.  Callie should be there but she's MIA & Der agrees to look for her.  Still don't feel good about this, especially after the first shot at casa Mer/Der where Mer touches Der's shoulder and he shrugs her off.  He hasn't gotten over Mer's accusation that he stole her career.

And Mer hasn't gotten over the truth Cristina laid on her.  She's looking for a research project.

And Der brought a mug from home to work that he gives to Shane to put away.  Shane doesn't and when she goes into the Chief's room she sees it, shrugs it off and say, "I have a mug like that at home."  I have a bad, bad feeling about that mug too especially after one of the interns drops it and it shatters...

Der finds Callie later.  She says she wants off the project.  Yes, let it go!

Mer is shoving away the idea of finishing a research project of her Mother's.  She's still not ready to go there.

And Der's talking about fixing the paraplegic's brain with glue.  He wants to finish the project and refuses to let Der take out the sensors for the brain project unless he removes the tumor.  Der says that's too dangerous.  And Shane proposes glue to Cristina for a heart repair.

Dear Duck - Der goes after Callie again and she's gushing about how Der and Mer have it figured out - how they can make the pieces fit.  And Der looks guilty but says nothing.

Heart guy agrees to Cristina's suggestion about using glue - a brand new procedure - but he hopes he dies.  He and wifey sold everything and maxed out all the credit cards to enjoy life.  They planned to pay them off with life insurance.

And all of a sudden, Mer wants her mother's journal back.

But the intern glued the mug together.

Mer lays it on Cristina, says Cristina pushed her aside last week because Mer had a baby.  And Cristina doesn't have time for anything she can't relate to, that's different.

Der tells Mer he wants to spend more time on research, less on surgery so that she can concentrate on her work.  He'll be spending that time doing research with Callie and that still worries me - even while he's being all McDreamy.

And he puts the glued mug back in the cabinet.  The pieces are glued back together, but it's still broken.

And the mug still worries me............

Grey's is turning 200?  And Patrick Dempsey is still McDreamy?  Nah, Grey's is turning 10 tonight with episode 200 - but , P Demp is still mighty fine.

It does make me think though -- other than for a wedding (which is different) - the last time the cast got all fancied up was for the prom Chief Webber had at the hospital for his dying niece, who missed her prom.   That was THE episode - Denny died and Der's dreamy looks sent Mer running away from the vet.  Der chased her down a hallway and into an exam room, ending his marriage and Mer's romance with the vet.

April says "He accepts me for what I am, but that's enough, that's everything."  Arizona asks:  "Are you talking about Matthew or Jesus?"  And April gets that wild-eyed, what am I doing look.

And Webber punches Bailey while she is trying to help.  He's in a hospital.  There are drugs everywhere.  He's a doctor.  If he really wants to die - he can make that happen.  So he doesn't want to die -- he just wants to punish everyone who still loves him.

This ball, though, is much different.  Jackson was thinking rich and conservative and he got Vegas, complete with c clowns, gymnasts, magicians, waiters on unicycles and one very charming juggler - Dr. McDreamy.  It seems that Mer and Der both want to win the prize for raising the most money for the hospital at the gala -- and, like Callie says, both of 'em are bored silly at home.  (How they could be bored with a newborn and a toddler to care for is beyond me.  Maybe they need to write some romance novels.  Then they'd be tickled tangerine to have all that time at home to write -- I know I'd be. )

Fancy party - and McDreamy, he was charming a group of well-heeled ladies moments ago, is jealous of Mer flirting.  I guess he remembers that Mer can be a little easier to catch on formal evenings.

And while the attendings are away, the interns are owning the ER.  "Locked and loaded" indeed.

Der fetched the baby from the hospital day care and brought little Bailey to the party.  Is there a better hook for charming money from folks than a McDreamy man with a newborn?

Dear Duck.  Callie is raising money by telling peeps that her wife is dead; April overheard; and now April is sharing champagne with Arizona in the supply room.  Is there any chance April won't spill the beans?

Uhh ohh, the baby spit up on Mer and now she's wearing a hoodie over her fancy gown.  (Was that McDreamy's plan?)

Dear Duck, the sequel - a gymnast just fell in the middle of Jackson's big speech.  It looks like a broken bone and Callie's on the spot. All the doctors head out - and Derek misses Meredith.  He tracks her down in the OR where she tells him he's better at charming donors - and then she offers him a surgical instrument and a spot at the table.

And the old junkie Cristina has to do heart surgery on?  Alex thinks he might be his father.  Karev hasn't seen his Dad in 20 years.  Jo walks in to find Karev trying to draw his own blood for a test.  What a way to find your father!

And Jackson brings the formerly fleeing rich folks to the OR gallery to take them behind the scenes of the circus.  And they ask - "How much do you need?"  That's the sweetest question since the jury in "The Verdict" returns with the question - "Is our award limited to the amount the Plaintiff asked for?"

And there are Mer and Der in the exam room........talking about the prom I started off this post by discussing -- and then they do more than talk.  Still wicked in the best ways.......

Bailey moves her lonely, racist patient in with the Chief!  That'll be interesting.

And Jackson walks in on Shane kissing his woman - the one he didn't ask to the party. But she goes after Jackson.  Look how far they've come on Grey's boys and girls!  Der and Mer had to hide because he was an attending and she was an intern.  Now the Chief of the Board can kiss an intern right in the open, in the remains of his big party.

And Bailey's gambit makes the Chief try -- Cristina finally pushes Owen away hard enough to make him try - and Mer/Der give getting back to work a try (why?  I guess medicine is their writing)

The show ends with a quote from "on with the show."  Because it must go on - and we must try - even though trying is the hardest thing of all.....


Boy does the title of this epi hit home with me.  Too many deadlines and tasks at work.  Too much work for too long without an end - or a carefree vaca in sight.  Too many bills and too little money.  And now - the Gremlin's have struck.  Last night, Mr. Duck had to play HVAC repairman b/c our AC died.  Thankfully, he fixed it.  (Mr. Duck's my hero!)

Tonight a pothole - big enough to swallow a bunch of big ole pots - opened in our concrete driveway.  Both my trusty PT and Mr. Duck's minivan - ancient vehicles that have long deserved the retirement they won't get - have developed issues. Hey, maybe the pothole is the work of our vehicles - a suicide pact of sorts......  Or maybe, the Graham vehicles think that if the hole gets big enough they can hide and enjoy a nice long vaca themselves.

Yep, I'm crying Mercy.  So, I'm right there with Grey's greatest on this one!

Cristina and Karev bonding.  That feels way strange.  Remember all the ways she insulted him during their internship?

Webber doesn't want a feeding tube.  Bailey's still fighting his battles.

Owen tells Arizona and Cristina that he needs them to be board members and doctors.  They're not buying it.  I understand.  People can only stretch so far.

A woman impaled through the chest with a half a baseball bat makes Jo promise to tell her husband something if she dies -- that she cheated on him with his brother.  Why?  That must be the thing stretching her to her breaking point.

April's waiting on the results of the board exams she had to repeat.  And yeah, that's tugging her towards her breaking point.   And Calzona?  They're tugging each other towards the cliff.

And Jackson is going to do free miracle surgery to repair a teacher's face - but Owen says no pro bono surgery until the ER is fully repaired.  What does Jackson do?  He throws a "I own this hospital tantrum" and gets his way - the teacher will get her surgery.  So Jackson did a bad thing for a good reason.   Does that make it okay?

And Mer/Der are fighting over naps.  Der took an hour and a half nap in the parking lot of the grocery store when he went for milk.  Mer gets jealous and snaps to Cristina - her phone a friend - that she is entitled to a nap too.  Mer passes out, dead asleep, in mid conversation, curled up on the bathroom floor. Yep, I remember those newborn days well.  It feels like you'll never again get to sleep for a full night.  You think you're destined to be a living zombie. Why did you do this?  Why?  And then the baby coos or moves his little hand and you know exactly why you did it.

But Owen has the teacher transferred so Jackson doesn't get to play superdoctor.  Owen's stressed about the hospital needing money -- I can relate.  Maybe the hospital's under Gremlin attack too.

Webber won't take a feeding tube & Bailey won't force him.  When he asks for soup she Orders the intern to bring some and he does.  But the intern pokes his head around the corner and sees Webber choke with pain when he tries to swallow a single spoon of soup.

Impaled baseball bat woman is bleeding out during surgery.  They call Callie who tells them not to cut the clavical but Callie arrives just as April puts down the saw.  A stretch too far? The patient or Callie?

Jackson's still having an ego tantrum and it's not so cute anymore.  He's doing liposuction because Hunt needed him making money.  Poor little rich boy.

Mer's so worried about Webber that when Der passes out, she takes the baby and heads to the hospital.  Yeah, Webber did good picking her as his "person."

Baseball bat woman dies.  Will Jo tell the husband her secret?  April says no but Callie says Jo made a promise and the husband deserves the truth.

Mer and Bailey fight over the feeding tube.  They go off to see another doctor and the intern goes in and tells Webber that Mer hauled her baby out to come and force him to accept a feeding tube.  Intern asks Webber if he's going to make Mer do that or will Webber man up and accept it.  The intern is planning to put in the tube.

April passes her board.  Jackson's with her.  But she wants to give him a hug and he holds out his hand for a shake instead.  But they both have secret smiles on their faces as they walk away from each other.

And baseball bat woman - Jo goes to tell her hubby about her death.  He's devastated. Jo starts to tell him the truth and Callie stops her.  She says only that his wife said she loved him.

And the intern does put the tube in and Richard accepts it.

Owen pages all the docs to the ER - with the big hole in it - and tells them they're going to have a big fundraising party.  200th episode anyone?

Karev takes Cristina's advice and plays caveman with Jo who hasn't been wanting sex.  Yep,  she wants it.

And Cristina and Owen have an intense confrontation in the elevator.  Where else?  If those elevators could talk...

And Callie goes to see Arizona.  Callie says Arizona cheated because she was unhappy.   But Callie leaves.  She's stretched too far.

Webber tells Mer that he picked her because she wasn't his family.  He thought he could trust her to be logical, not to bring him back to life when he was all but dead.  He tells Mer he was wrong to pick her.  He says he chose the wrong person.

Mer was already stretched too far.......  but Webber just stretched her further.

Life stretches us all, I guess.  How much can we take?  The "too much" may be the smallest thing, in the oddest place.  What will we do when we reach it?  Go mad?  Break permanently?

Maybe we'll retreat into a romance novel where a happy ending is guaranteed - like one of the Quackingalone romances by yours truly --- come on, help me battle the Gremlins.  Pick up a QA romance today!


It's a new season of Grey's -- but it's Cristina's LAST one.  There's got to be some smashing Cristina Time before Sandra Oh leaves the hospital for the last time.  Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) promises that this will be Oh's "best acting season." Now I'm wondering how many tissues Shonda Sunshine will make me go through to START Cristina's last season.

Opening with the storm - seems a lot like my life lately.  Webber has the voice over talking about the intern's white coat ceremony and about life flashing before your eyes right before you die.  Webber is saying that it's fitting that the white coat  should be on him at the end.

Okay, Yang's first words - about Mer - "She had a baby. She doesn't know things."  And Callie's first line; an answer to Yang's question "Who is Dr. Boswell."  Callie says "She's the woman Arizona slept with last night."

Ambulances in the bay right after Owen says the ER can't open today --- a mudslide. And Webber is still missing, since last night, lying on the flooded floor with sparks flying.  Oh, Richard -- no.  Just no.

Yang tells Mer that she and Owen ended it - for real this time.

The interns are brushing off the command to find Webber.  That tells you they don't know his as well as the others.  Webber is not family to them.  Wait, one of them goes looking - Webber's eyes are open but the intern steps right into the charged water and falls over.  It's sad that I can't ID this one by name right away.  We all know what that means, right?  Yep, that Grey's Anatomy is the originals and the originals are Grey's -- but we're losing Cristina this year.

Funny, Webber and the intern are both lying on the floor near the generator but I keep imagining Cristina lying there....

...continue reading "Liveblogging Grey’s Anatomy – “Seal Our Fate; I Want You With Me”"

Hi there kiddies, it's been awhile since you heard from the ticked-off obese guy, so here I am in all my aggravated glory on a cheerful Saturday.

By the way, I'm not much on Native American mumbo-jumbo, but I've decided that if I have an animal spirit, it's Grumpy Cat.

I keep a steady level of rage at all times. It's what keeps me somewhat motivated. But rare is the time that my anger and both of my wife's occupations, lawyering and writing books, all cross paths simultaneously.

This is one of those times.

Not with anything my wife has done, however. She knows not to go where angels (and most demons) fear to tread. That particular act takes a special kind of person.

An asshole.

In this case, I'm talking about Jesse Ventura - former Vietnam Navy SEAL, Minnesota governor, actor, motorcycle gang member, actor, pro wrestler, steroid abuser; current conspiracy theorist and asshole.

I hadn't given half a damn about Jesse Ventura since the original Predator movie and his governorship. I think I fairly represent most sane Americans when I write that. After that, I have no idea what the hell happened to Ventura. Maybe the steroids he took back in the day caused substantial brain damage. Maybe he saw all the money Alex Jones was making in pushing bugshit-crazy conspiracy theories and decided to get in on the action. I honestly have no clue.

What I do know is what he did that hit on my wife's two occupations:

  1. LAWYERING - He decided to sue a dead man, record-holding SEAL sniper Chris Kyle.
  2. BOOK WRITING - Ventura is suing Kyle because of something Kyle wrote in his bestselling autobiographical book, American Sniper.

Of course, since Chris Kyle is deceased, Ventura is not really suing Kyle, he's suing Kyle's widow and children. What kind of man could take a livelihood from a widow and her children? I'll tell you. AN ASSHOLE.

It's not like Kyle even mentioned Ventura's name in the book. You see, I own a copy of American Sniper and I've read it a couple of times. I had no idea until I heard about this lawsuit that it was Ventura that Kyle was supposedly writing about.

To me, this was another case of the Streisand Effect, where Jesse plays Barbra.

Even before all of this Internet stuff gave us terms like "Streisand Effect", though, things like this happened. For example, way back in the 17th Century Shakespeare wrote about a lady protesting too much.

In the South, we describe things like this with colorful metaphors stemming from our unique culture, dialects, and life experiences.

It wasn't (and still isn't in some very rural areas) uncommon to see a bunch of unruly, half-feral dogs near your house around here. Of course, this is a fairly troublesome and possibly dangerous situation, and the best thing to do is find a way to disperse the dogs before something bad happens.

That's when you pick up a decent-sized rock and throw it at the dog pack. It doesn't have to be accurate, especially if the pack is large; the rock is nearly guaranteed to connect with a canine.

And how can you tell you've hit a dog with your projectile? Why, that particular dog begins to howl and yelp and bawl as if it suffered the most egregious injury ever endured by dogkind. It... hollers.

At that point, the rest of the dogs quickly scramble to find other places to sniff around, while the hollering dog runs like its ass is on fire.

If you could question the dog later about the incident, it could lie about it and say it wasn't anywhere near that pack of other dogs, and it surely didn't get hit by any rock. It would probably do so, especially if it was an asshole dog hanging with a bunch of other asshole dogs.

But you know what? The hit dog always hollers. Usually long after it's prudent to just shut the hell up and skulk off.

I'm blogging with a 1-hour delay tonight. I have to watch the American Idol finale. It's been a great season. The best 2 wound up in the finale. I hope that Candice Glover - the Carolina Girl from right down the road - wins it all. Either way though, Candice or Kree will be great. (Course, it turns out that tonight, the Carolina Girl is the "best in the world." You go, Candice - Congrats!!!)

Now the voice over - McDreamy and Cristina running down the hall - scary.

Bailey almost got back to surgery - but couldn't do it. Now, that's not our Nazi.

And Arizona did the nasty -- with the wrong woman. I hope she feels MORE guilty than she looks. Shuffle out and hide.......

And y'all, I'm from the Grand Strand of South Carolina. Hurricanes are scary but -- not as terrifying as they're acting. Now, Mer giving birth - that's terrifying. I've done that too. Of course, I didn't do it in the dark. The dark wouldn't have scared me as much as a lack of air conditioning. Dark, I can stand. Being hot? Now that, I hate.

Those were some scary risks of a natural delivery of Mer's babe. Is being born face first that deadly? Who knew? Both of mine were induced. The first because my water broke and the second because Sam was ready and I was a type 1 diabetic. Like Mer's doc, when I asked to wait for the weekend when we'd have a sitter for the oldest, my Doc said that diabetic mothers have a very high incidence of babies dying in the womb late in the term. The doc said - in 3 days your healthy baby could be dead. So I said what Mer said -- well, let's do it.

An overturned bus and a fire. How brave must it be to run towards danger. A big shout out to the first responders.

The baby is delivered but he's not crying. Don't hurt the McNugget - Shonda Sunshine. Oh, there he is. McDreamy and the McNugget. But the baby's breathing is shallow. Mer tells Der to go with him and Der directs the interns to stay with Mer. Dear Duck, the OB is called away for another emergency. An intern is going to close. That can't be good.

And Cristina is trying to operate in the dark, knowing Mer's in surgery a room or two away.

There are no batteries and the McNugget may need a ventilator. And the Nazi is lost and useless.

Mer's bleeding - not from her uterus. Blood is coming from her IV and now she tells them about the FALL ON THE STAIRS. Mer's been bleeding internally and has to yell at the terrified intern.

Jo teaches the Moms how to ventilate the babies and McDreamy is crooning to his wee one, not knowing Mer is fighting for her life and talking an intern through emergency surgery. She tells the intern that if she can't breathe for 9 minutes not to revive her. Mer makes him promise - she is trying to tell him the babies' name when she passes out......... Not Mer. It's Mer/Der, people........

One of them is smart enough to go get Bailey for Meredith. She picks up a coatstand and beats the med machine until they fall out. That's our Nazi -- but now she's bleeding. She goes - hopefully to Mer.

Uh oh. Jackson sees a kid in the burning bus. It's about to explode. He won't leave her. Jackson's a good guy. Mostly. Except when he's not. And he's April's soul mate once they figure that out.

Shonda Sunshine's finales are always like a roller-coaster at the edge of a cliff, climbing up at 100 miles an hour when it breaks, sending the passengers plummeting off the cliff towards the sea below - in a monsoon - at night.

Cristina comes back and finds Meredith and outside the bus explodes. Did Jackson and the kid get out?
Cristina runs for Derek and it's that scene where we started - the two of them running down the hall.

Outside, April's screaming for Jackson, afraid he died. But there he is with the kid.

And April's ignoring her fiance and she is in tears.

Webber goes after the repairman he sent downstairs. And there's water and electricity sparking.

McDreamy says the McNugget is good. And Cristina lists all the traumas Mer survived.

Bailey -- tells them Mer had a massive splenic bleed. She makes Cristina and Der think Mer died because Bailey looks like death. But Mer's okay.

It's Webber. They're going to kill Webber. The electricity and the water. LIghts on upstairs. Lights off for Webber? God, I hope not.

Callie sees Arizona's ring pinned to the dastardly doc's scrub top. And she knows.

Karev tells Jo he's going to say the words - and then he does. And they finally kiss. It's time for good things for Karev.

April goes back to Jackson and he's hurt. She tells him she loves him and not the paramedic. He tells her - you're getting married. She says, unless you can give me a reason not to.

Cristina tells Owen she's made for the OR - she feels pure joy in the OR. And she tells Owen that when he looks at Ethan he looks like Der when he looks at Zola. And she asks - do you really believe I will be enough. Owen shakes his head - and Cristina leaves. He shouts after her but she leaves.

And that scene with Callie and Arizona. Arizona she still blames Callie for cutting off her leg and that's why she cheated. AND MER/DER NAME THE BABY BAILEY - because Bailey saved Mer's life. Bailey is hunting for Webber. She wants to apologize. She won't find him to talk to though........ He's gone. I know he's gone.

The season ends with Webber lying still on the wet floor of the basement, with electric sparks flying around him.

And it goes black....... no answers until next year........

Tonight's blog comes from my hotel room in not-so-sunny Orlando, Florida.  As my other post of today advised, my eldest graduated today from UCF.  The reunited Clan Graham will be heading home tomorrow.  It's been a rainy graduation week, but there's a good reason for that. Florida is crying because it's losing Zack.

Anyway, my attention tonight is divided with packing, etc.  Also, tonight I lack my always-spiffy Time Warner DVR with the ability to pause and rewind.  I may miss things -- and I'm hoping you'll understand.

As we await the show, I'm thinking back to the classic Lovin' Spoonful song lyrics. They ask if you believe in magic in a young girl's heart, how the music frees her, whenever it starts.  I admit to being biased, but I feel that way about romance novels.  I think a good love story can free anyone, including girls young and old.  A story of love and lust, passion and pain always leading to a happily ever after can make us feel free and easy, no matter what fills our days.

Tonight's epi centers around a magic trick gone wrong, the need for magic to mend relationships with Bailey, too much of the wrong kind of magic to celebrate a 21st birthday and a wee dose of the kind of troublesome magic that makes relationships go so right - or so wrong.

A magician really sawed his wife in half (or nearly), and Meredith and Webber can't stabilize her.  They could use Bailey's help but Bailey isn't talking to anyone.  The whole group lines up to corner her at a restroom but Bailey still slams the door.  The magician's wife turned out to be about to leave him for the other magician's assistant.  Karev is avoiding Jo and Cristina is helping and April's recalled that being bad with Jackson felt really good.

Owen and Cristina aren't progressing but they're not falling backwards either.  However, Owen's bonding more with Ethan, his future adoptive son - or so we decided several epi's ago.  And then Owen sends Ethan home with his grandmother, but the boy is rushed back to the hospital after he overdoses on Grandma's sleeping pills.  Trouble for Otina looms, unless Cristina has grown enough to accept a child.  If not, that could spell an end to Otina's non-marital bliss.

Arizona had to call social services for Ethan, and that doesn't make anyone happy.  But, Ethan's ingesting the pills reminds Cristina of a possible way to wake Ethan's father from his coma.  And the magician tells the assistant that he knows she is what his wife needs to mend her heart and her soul.  Oh, and Jo wants to get things back where they were with Karev.  Hasn't she figured that out yet?  Jo seems far too smart to be so stupid.

The 21-year-old's friends are worried about what they will do for spring break if their friend can't drink.  April tells them to aspire to greatness - become doctors or senators.  Jackson overhears her and April invites him to Joe's but Jackson says no.  He has plans.

And Cristina's magical cure isn't magic for Ethan's Dad and the social workers are on the way to take Ethan.  Meredith tries another appeal to Bailey and it doesn't work.   It turns out Bailey's been testing her blood - obsessively - for the strain of staph that killed patients last week.  So far, every test has turned out negative.

Owen tells Ethan not to take pills without a parent's permission and he says he doesn't think he has parents anymore.  Cristina tries - telling Ethan that they haven't given up on his Dad, but that just makes Ethan cry.  Then Grandma tells Owen that Ethan needs a parent because her son is gone.  She tells Owen that Ethan needs someone to look after him and she can't.  Yep - it's going there.

Jackson meets the intern and admits he hasn't called her for 11 days because he's the head of the hospital now.  But if he was going to try to keep things quiet he screws up by laying a hot one on her right at Joe's.

And Callie tells the visiting surgeon that she's married.  The doc still has the hots for her though.

Webber comes to Bailey's aide by calling her husband.  For him, Bailey opens the door.

And Cristina acknowledges the elephant, asking Owen if he wants a child.  Owen says he wants her -- but all of us, including Cristina, knows that is only part of the truth.

Karev goes home to find Jo sitting and waiting for him - but she's been beaten.  Yes, Dr. Not So Wonderful is a woman beater.

OH - DEAREST DUCK - the previews.  Meredith won't slow down and she falls, walking up stairs.

Leave the McNugget alone - Sunshine.  Just sayin'.........

As I await the Mer's voice over - thought I'd post a link to this story about a 'miracle baby' who inspired a story in tonight's Grey's Anatomy.   The McDonagh family of McHenry, Ill and their miracle baby, Ian, are fine now - but they went through a lot on the road to fine.  I hope this story isn't about Mer and the McNugget.  I don't wish ill on any little one and I'm sorry little Ian and his family went through this - but I already love the McNugget.  Just sayin'.

(BTW - I linked the 'miracle baby' story earlier on QA's Facebook page.  If you don't follow us there, you're missing out on some juicy linkage.  So pause, click this link, and follow - all good?  You did it right?  Okay - now on to the voice over...)

Okay - Bailey's got the voice over tonight.  That makes sense - given her job jeopardy.  And infections are like monsters.  I'm a Type I diabetic and staph is an infection I've gotten to know too well.    But how dare the CDC grill Bailey?  She's the nicest Nazi I know.

Great duck - April is going to play the distressed virgin card.  Come on - I was starting to like her for a while.  Guess we're not supposed to like April.  The writers' want us to see her as a nut.  Guess what?  To someone reared in the Bible Belt, April's not such a nut.  I'm going to try to forgive her for the outburst where she blames Jackson for "taking" her virginity.  I'll assume we will have an adult moment later where she at least apologizes and says that even if she regrets it now, her virginity was a gift she gave Jackson.  Geez - women can take responsibility better than this.

Meredith wants Cristina to be there when she gives birth?  Cristina?  Hello - Mer, don't you know your person better than that?  Still, it's possible Cristina changes her mind before epi's end.

The little boy - Ethan, I think - Owen's still attached even though Grandma has showed up now.

Oh, and thank goodness.  The 'miracle' baby story doesn't involve the McNugget.  Don't grill the McNugget, Shonda Sunshine.  Some things are sacred.

The family reunion story is a nice light note.  Love 'em.  Love 'em a lot.  Just not a lot of 'em at once, right?

Bailey channels Aretha's "Respect" to time her scrubbing before surgery?  That fits.  All women everywhere should channel a little Aretha. The Nazi channels a lot of Aretha - which is why no one should mess with Bailey.

Cristina tells Karev to beat up Jo's boyfriend?  Uhh Ohh, watch out what you wish for Cristina.  You might get it.....

So, one of the reunion kids is going to break the CDC investigation story?  Interesting.

Der's hovering over Mer and worrying about her treating Bailey's staph patients is way cute - from this side at least. Der's not so cute when Mer tells him she wants Cristina in the OR.  Love Owen's comment -- "Watching a baby being born is like seeing God in person."

The investigator grills Bailey on whether she closed a particular surgery.  But Bailey has the luxury of getting up and walking out before the interview is done.  Witnesses in a courtroom can't do that - and that point - the point when Bailey walked out - that's the point where the truth begins to emerge.  It's the breaking point.  I'm a lawyer, though I don't do trial work.  My boss is a trial lawyer and I do all the appeals.  Do you have any idea how much deposition and trial testimony I've read?  Yep, my boss is an excellent trial lawyer and he knows all about the breaking point.

Now Mer sits down with Bailey.  But Jackson calls her on it -- and Ethan's Mom seizes.  Bailey's not allowed to treat - and it keeps Ethan available for that possible adoption Owen's going to want, right?  I blogged about that several epis ago.

And Cristina's operating on 'miracle baby.'

And Ethan's Mom doesn't survive the elevator ride up to the OR.

Does anyone have a tissue?

Oh, duckness.  Owen has to tell Ethan about his mom's death.  Owen does a great job and Ethan goes out to comfort his grandmother.  What an amazing kid!  More tissue?  Yes, I think so.

Bailey hears her MENTOR, Webber, tell one of her struggling patients that the problem at the hospital was one doctor and she's been isolated from patients.  Jo asks Webber about it later and he says he doesn't believe that.  He just said it to get the patient's parents to let them operate so the guy wouldn't die.  Either way - it's truth to Bailey and truth from the source she'd take the most seriously.  Bailey goes back to the investigator - demanding to know the results of her staph test.  They tested Bailey - they tested everyone.

The investigator doesn't answer, but Bailey sees the truth in his eyes - she does have the strain of staph infecting her patients.  She's left asking -  did I do this?  Did I do this?  The Nazi, humbled.

Someone call Kleenex for me and order a crate.  Between this and the rumors of a "superstorm" striking during the finale and Shonda Sunshine promising more trauma -- Forget the crate.  How much tissue does an 18-wheeler hold?

Yes, Cristina changes her mind.  However, Derek might kill her if she tries to turn the McNugget birth all dark and twisty. The Cristina expresses sympathy to Owen for Ethan's mom's loss.

Bailey invades the board meeting.  She hears the investigator say that she carried the staph.  BUT - the gloves were defective - microscopic tears, etc.  The CDC doesn't think Bailey would have given the patients staph without the defective gloves.  CDC recommends Bailey be fully treated before going back to patient care.  But Bailey's still upset and I understand completely.

Jackson has to go to April.  He tells her he's not sorry they slept together and then, on cue, jerky paramedic walks in.  He says he wants the do-over April offered earlier.  She gives it to him.  But I'm still waiting for April to woman up and own her choices.

Okay,  Webber on the bench with Bailey.  She's still upset that she killed 2 patients and then she learns that another died.  She's in tears.....  upset that Webber shut her out when he should have tried to protect her.  Bailey says she always defended Webber when Adele complained about Webber putting the hospital first.  Instead of standing up for her, he stood up for the hospital again.

Alex goes to Cristina's room when he gets home.  Jo called him on telling her secrets to her boyfriend.  And Alex finally confesses that he loves her.  And Cristina pats the bed - calling Alex in - not romantically, but in her old Mer posture of support.  She tells Alex that she thinks she is losing Owen.  Not today, but soon.

Gosh, and the previews for next week - it looks like a lot of folks will begin to lose........

How fast can that 18 wheeler of tissue get here?

Editorial Note - Ignore all the rumors. Mr. Duck did NOT suggest the title for this episode.

From the title of the episode -- we knew Mer's news would not be good.  Oh, Mer, having a gene doesn't mean you get the disease.  We all walk around with bunches of genes for things we never get.  Forget about it and live now!  Will she do that?  No - she's Meredith Grey.  She's dark and twisty.

She wants an updated will.  Now.

Woah - I just found a commercial deep.  (Inspiration dances with the daring.)  What does that say about the state of my mental health, people?  Seriously,  nothing good.

The Syrian docs have to treat patients in the dark and without instruments?  That's almost as sad as their insisting on Callie being on the team because they lose so many children.

Speaking of children, Owen's surrogate son is back.  And I just read that he and Cristina will be re-visiting the whole baby issue.  I'm guessing that Shonda Sunshine is misleading us again.  Yep - I'm thinking they'll adopt an older kid.

Back to the will - yes.  Cristina was one of the guardians and Derek says she needs out because she doesn't want kids.  Meredith says Cristina will still agree to raise their kids.  Hmm, so that's how the issue will arise.  Crafty Sunshine having Cristina's person bring up the issue of issue.

And surrogate kid's grandmother won't arrive until tomorrow to pick him up.  Yep, it'll be a perfect Shonda Storm.  Mer asking Cristina to be the baby's guardian and Owen bringing home surrogate son.  Part 1 - Cristina says she'll take the kids but she'll raise them by a team of surrogates.  And Mer looks depressed.  Is it Der's sisters for the kids.  And Cristina wants to get the kids 3 weeks a year - she'll take them for their first tattoo........  Mer says they need a Mom and Cristina points out that Mer's still here - she's not dying.

But Cristina should know better.  She knows dark and twisty Mer better than anyone.

Dear Duck - now Mer and Cristina are giving April love advice.  She should know better than to take love advice from those two.  Even the Syrian doc wants to give April advice.  She just looks like she needs help.

Mer and Der discuss how many disasters they've survived.  And Mer tells Der he should give her a lethal dose of morphine as soon as she forgets where her keys are.  By that token, I wouldn't have survived until Zack learned to walk.  And now he graduates in May from UCF with a Mechanical Engineering degree - cum laude, and with honors in the major. Yeah, Mer should rethink that whole exit strategy. If I hadn't been around longer than losing those keys - Sam, my youngest, wouldn't exist and the world without Sam-ness would be a dark and hideous place.  Sam's the male version of Mary Tyler Moore (Remember that song?  Sam turns the world on with his smile.  It lights up a room.  And he really does take nothing days and make them seem worthwhile.) And my engineer, Zack,  would have had no one to hell hack his teachers and school officials until thy gave in and admitted that one size does not fit all.  Where would he be today, my special, brilliant young man?)

And all of babies are getting post-op complications.  Is intern Leah to blame?

Has Meredith learned anything?  NO - she gets a back up promise that Cristina will kill her when she forgets where her keys are.  And you know what?  Cristina really would do that.

April's gonna tell the paramedic -- Yes, she just did.  She tells him she was a virgin for a long time but screwed up and didn't wait. Will he understand?  No, he won't.  She sees her lack of virginity as a wee little issue compared to the war that the Syrian's are facing.  He doesn't see it that way.  He says the issue is her lying.  It could be, but I suspect that it might be just that - the paramedic doesn't want a playground where anyone else played -ever.  That's the kind of thing a hero might say and believe in a historical romance novel -- from the Regency period -- but only until the heroine taught him better.

Der wants the intern with the natural talent and he rejects the one willing to work his butt off.  Sigh.  Hard work is way underrated.  And Owen fights to admit Ethan overnight because he doesn't want to go with foster services.  Callie says no.   But - she changes her mind.  Except the kid hears Owen say he's sick and Owen has to explain to the kid that he's fake sick.  And Cristina sees Owen cuddled up and relating to his surrogate son and she sees why Owen's been so irritable lately.

Mer tells Der that Cristina agreed to kill her and he shows her his gene scan.  Positive for a high tendency to 2 kinds of cancer, heroin addiction and male pattern baldness.   He tells her it's all a crap shoot.  A less twisty lady might agree.

And April is robbing the hospital - giving away expensive medical equipment.  Girl frog - none of that will change the mind of an arse. And yes, Mer, the truth doesn't always set us free.

One of the complications patients died.  But Leah didn't treat her.  Only Bailey treated all three of them.  And Jackson has to call the lawyers.  And Owen and Derek have to tell Bailey to sit down and let Webber treat her patients.  They were going to fire the intern -- so are we supposed to believe that Bailey is leaving the show?  Bailey?

You know - I did see a blip from Shonda that someone was leaving the show.  But I think that's just misdirection.  Grey's without Bailey?  It wouldn't be the same.

And your homework this week is to imagine Cristina's child-rearing philosophy.  Nightmares may be involved.