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Hi kiddies, Angry Old Fat Man here.

Well, Mary Anne, being the little old lady that she is, felt that her yappy little companion, Pixie Bear, needed an even smaller playmate.
She got her wish in January of this year. A North Carolina woman was selling puppies and Mary Anne got one. It's a Bichon-Frise/Yorkie mix, and it's really cute.

Mary Anne named her Dixie Belle. Dixie was born around Thanksgiving 2019, so she's very young, and she was very shy with Pixie. But now, ho boy, they get along famously and she attacks and jumps on Pixie incessantly now. Here's some video of the both interacting (download and watch it):

And there you are. Another four-legged victim of the Empty Nest Syndrome.

The Obese Man with Anger Issues here.

I gotta tell you, there are few things that make me more angry than pure, unadulterated ignorance.

So there is ignorance that is very understandable, for instance like quantum mechanics, regular old vehicle mechanics, computer operations, etc. etc.

Then there is stuff that is easily decipherable as garbage, but because of huge amounts of propaganda and gullible fools, is spread upon the society as if it was the gospel truth.

Let's look at slavery, particularly the American variety which was restrained to blacks from the continent of Africa.

...continue reading "Slavery – Common Sense vs. Conventional Ignorance"

If y'all love the Isle of Bliss as much as I do, then you'll be quite quackers to hear that part 2 of Adam and Evan's story is now for sale at Amazon.  If you read part 1, then you know that Adam and Evan have much more going on that any Guardian and Ward should.  Since this ward is also the Prince Regent's Godson, Adam's breach of duty risks much more than his honor.  It might even cost him his life.

If you haven't read Part 1 yet, do pick it up first.  And check out all my Olivia Outlaw titles.  I'm trying them at a new, lower price, but like all good things, it won't last long.  If you're a bargain hunter then you might want to pick up all the Olivia Outlaw titles now before I regain my sanity and raise the prices again.

I see you smirking out there.  Yes, I do have occasional periods of sanity.  Not often, mind you, but it does happen!!  It's not predictable, and I usually manage to cast off the chains of reality sooner rather than later, but while I'm sane, I'm apt to do terrifyingly normal things.  I'm thinking that raising the Olivia Outlaw prices might be amongst them.  So, grab them before the Demons of Sanity snatch me back!

The weather is getting warmer, and it's a great time to journey back to the Isle of Bliss.

I have been re-reading a great romance series, Elizabeth Lowell's "Only" books. I just finished Reno's story and am about to start my favorite book in that series, Whip's story -- "Only Love." (Who doesn't enjoy reading about a yondering man finding that home is a person rather than a place?) If you haven't read the series, you really, really should. I'm not in any way being critical of Ms. Lowell when I say -- the end of the book I just read annoyed the heck out of me.  Why?  Because "the end" of the book wasn't the end, not at all.

Three chapters of a completely unrelated and much newer book were crammed in after "the end."  That doesn't bother me in a paper book, but it bothers the quackers out of me in an e-book.  I can close a paper book, but I like to flip to the end of an e-book.  I could go to the digital controls and do it, but I like to flip until I get to 100%.  Is that insane of me?  Okay, we won't debate the generally tenuous state of my mental health.  Even if it IS insane of me, I still find it annoying.

It reminds me of the end caps at the supermarket where they place all the stuff they're trying to force you to buy.  Even if a product I like is there, I won't buy it.  If I'm shopping for cereal and a brand I like is on the end cap, I'll stroll down there and buy another one.  Pushing products on people sometimes has the opposite result.  It can drive buyers away.

If you're going to put a promo at the end of an e-book, it should be for a related book. Wal-mart doesn't put clothes or shoes at the end of the canned vegetable aisle, but publishers think they know better.  They don't.  They really don't.  I love Ms. Lowell's "Only" series, but I'm not a fan of the one being pushed at the end of the e-book I just read.  Now, I'll make a point not to read it.

If publishers want to promote an entirely different book at the end of an e-book, then have the author write a note to her readers explaining why she thinks readers of this book would enjoy the other series.  At the end of the note, the author should put a link to her webpage where readers can find out more about the other series and click buy links.  That promotes the other work without annoying readers.

When a reader reaches "the end," she believes that she has experienced the "happily ever after" and her journey is over. At the end of a trip, no one wants to take a long detour.  A brief note from the author thanking the reader her for her time and suggesting another book could be forgiven. Cramming a three chapter end cap after "the end" is an imposition that goes a step too far.  After "the end" e-books should allow readers the time and space to reflect on the journey just taken. If they've enjoyed the trip the readers are likely to seek out the author's other work.

"The end" of an e-book should be the end of an e-book.

First - a thought about a different "Grey" - as in Fifty Shades of Grey.  Ya know who I think would make a freaking awesome Christian?  JESSE WILLIAMS.  Grey's Anatomy fans know that he plays Dr. Jackson Avery.  Take a look at these photos and tell me Jesse wouldn't make a mighty, mighty fine Christian!  It would launch his career into the stratosphere.  Unlike Charlie, I bet Jesse's time on Grey's Anatomy has prepared him for the journey.  Just sayin'.  Yo - EL James/Erika Leonard, are you listening?

Grey's begins with the greatest truth Meredith ever voiced over - Being a mother requires more commitment than anything else - even surgery.  Not a mother in America disagrees.

Bailey and Mer fight over a surgery.  That seems like old times, doesn't it?

Callie thinks she, Mer and Der are in a relationship.  She's channeling "Big Love."

Of course.  Jackson's Mom walks in while he's heading towards the nasty in the on call room with his intern.  The same intern who walked into the room to show Jackson the shirt she picked out to prove to his Mama that she was a serious surgeon - not a gold digger.  The impression Mama got?  That intern Stephanie is a temp.  You know what?  That's the same impression I have.

I'm wondering if the theme of this one is going to be "revelations."  Mama Avery is revealing some truth to Jackson about remembering his position.  Yep, Jackson was thinking about a lot of positions.

And there's a man in the ER with a very swollen penis.  It was bees.  He rattles off a story about being outside and making himself a peanut butter and honey sandwich and falling asleep, but yeah, he must've gotten some honey on his howz-it.  Even intern Stephanie doesn't believe that and she's swallowed a bunch of lines from Jackson.

Then Mer needs someone to take over for her at a princess party with Zola.  To show Z that she hasn't been replaced by her new brother.  But instead, Z gets replaced by.........  a can't miss surgery.  (How long before Mer starts channeling memories of her childhood, and all the tea parties Her mama skipped for all those can't miss surgeries?)

Stephanie has to go get Mama Avery for the Giant Penis guy.  Of course, she walks in saying:  "Dr. Avery, I have a Giant Penis."  It goes downhill from there, which speaks to the skill of Grey's writers.

Callie promises to be at Z's tea party by 6pm.  It won't matter.  Callie's great but Mer knows better than anyone that there is no substitute for Mama who says 6pm is too late for a tea party.  It has to be a 4pm.  And if there is no tea party she's already started turning into her Mama.  It didn't take long.......

Jo gives Karev a lecture about how he should go meet his father and bond with him. Karev says - discharge him.

It takes Mama Avery 1 minute, flat, to get Giant Penis guy to admit he put his penis in a hornet's nest.  It takes her less time to totally flatten any hope intern Stephanie had of impressing her about anything.

Penis guy isn't impressed either.  He's busy learning the price of discovery.  Revelations aren't all they're cracked up to be....

It's a wee bit..... or maybe a NOT SO WEE bit sad how fast they've got Mer bonding with Bailey over breastpumping and walking away from "a moment" with Cristina to pump and bond.  **Big Sigh**

Mama Avery tells the chief she's going to save penis man's manhood and wants to come back and have a long talk with the Chief about him coming home with her- the peeps at the hospital pamper him too much.

Jackson tells Stephanie to keep it medical with his Mama..... Of course, he's telling Steph that his Mama probably already forgot the on call room when Mama walks up saying how nice it is to see them together again, and dressed this time.

Jo tries to get Karev's Dad into a treatment plan.  He says no.  Then she tries to make Karev go stop his Dad from leaving and he says no.  Both guys scream at Jo.  You know what Jo - when you've got TWO men telling you to shut up and stay in your place - it means you're doing a bunch of stuff right.  You go girl.   She's really the only intern whose name I remember on a consistent basis.  I have to check with Dr. Google to figure out who the rest of 'em are.  We all know what that means, right?  Yep.  I haven't bonded with them.

Paging Shonda Sunshine --- hang onto as many of Grey's Greatest as you can or there won't BE a Grey's.

Mama Avery doesn't make the penis surgery easy for Jackson or Stephanie.  She tells her son - this is what happens when men put there penises in places they don't belong.

Mer has to run to Z when she falls and hurts herself.  Mer asks if leaving her hurt child for surgery doesn't sound a little Ellis Grey.  Karev tells her to relax, that she's a good mother.  But Mer sees the writing on the wall...

And Callie tells failing kidney woman's spare parts younger sister that she can say no.  And Callie tells herself that she can say no, too.

Penis man's Mama knew her son hurt himself by putting his penis in the hornets nest.  Apparently, getting stung is his thing.  Hey Penis Guy's Mom, Did you ever see an episode of Criminal Minds? Go buy the whole series -- fast.

Cristina kicks Mer out of the surgery.  She's been replaced by Bailey - the Doc she stole the surgery from.  Cristina doing the right thing?  That's not at all like Cristina.  That hurt - everyone.

The Chief tells Jo to stop coddling him.  If his white blood cells are low, he needs a proper exam.  Mama Avery walks in just then and the Chief tells her he can't go home with her - these fools need him.  He's right.

Callie runs into Owen whose not leaving because spare parts sister decided to donate her kidney after all.  Callie looks crushed.

Mer yells at Cristina for stealing the surgery.  Cristina tells Mer she's not as good a surgeon as Cristina is.  Cristina tells Mer she can't be a great Mom and a great surgeon.  She tells Mer she knows that Mer doesn't want to be her Mother.  She tells Mer that she let up, that she took a different road.  That they are in different places with different priorities ow, and that's okay.

And Callie kicks Arizona out.  She says she's tired of taking care of other people.  I'm not discussing Arizona.  I choose not to do that.

Intern Stephanie sits down at Joe's with Mama Avery and tries to call her to account.  Mama Avery tells Stephanie that the reason she didn't have time to put in the catheter was that she didn't diagnose correctly.  Steph says she didn't have all the info.  Mama says, When in doubt presume he put it somewhere it shouldn't have been.

Mer yells at Derek.  For making her choose.  Derek tells Mer he never made her choose. Did he?

No - probably not.  Mer just never realized that in each little choice, she was making a bigger one.  That's her revelation.   Sometimes the job we ended up doing isn't the one we wanted.  I can relate.  I need to re-direct my day job into my dream job too.

CHECK OUT MY BOOKS - BUY ONE OR TWO OR FIVE AND HELP A LAWYER find her dream -- we all have to wait to see what Mer's dream turns out to be - but Shonda promised us that it would include Der.......


There has been a spate of abusive, bullying tactics at Goodreads, about which I blogged very recently HERE. This has been spawned by bad behavior by authors and reviewers/GR users.  As to the authors, they have erred mainly by entering discussions to randomly toss up marketing for their books - something which (justifiably) annoys readers no end and by wading, uninvited, into discussions about their books.  As to the reviewers/GR users, the bad acts go from small - labeling their shelves in a manner designed to insult authors personally -  to large - ganging up to harass and threaten authors on GR and by leaving bad reviews on Amazon.

Frankly, I suspect that my prior blog post led to my receiving a dose of the bad Amazon reviews.  It may or may not have led to bad reviews or insulting shelves on Goodreads.  Like most writers, while the readers have been in a "posse" or "follow the bully" mentality, I've stayed off GR.  Now, thanks to a move by GR owner Amazon, I may return - along with many other writers who love reading and discussing books as readers.

Sheriff Amazon finally waded into the fray, enforcing a couple of important, basic rules and announcing them at the same time.  What are they?   (1)  Reviews must be about the book; and (2) Members can't harass or threaten others.  They're such basic rules, one wonders how they weren't always the standard at the site.  However, Amazon's announcement led to a mass backlash at GR, with users crying the expected charge of "censorship."

...continue reading "Amazon Shifts Goodreads Focus Back to Books"

Y'all - the McNugget is at risk tonight.  Where's that crate of tissue?  I could use it to blot my tears or --- I could think of an entirely different way to use it on Shonda Sunshine.  Just sayin'.  The giant griddle in the sky best not come for the McNugget ---

Right after the voiceover, Hurricane Karev isn't waiting for the storm, but Owen has the docs getting ready.  Karev calls McDreamy away - If the jerkwad hit Jo, I hope Karev and McDreamy pack the kind of punch that leaves a lasting impression.  Uhh Ohhh.........  it's too late for McDreamy to intervene - Karev already dealt enough blows of his own.  (You go, Alex!)

Arizona's still flirting?  No, girl - you don't go...

Owen and Ethan and yes, Owen should be a Dad because he's got the stuff, the magical Dad stuff.  But Cristina told Ethan's Grandmom the truth about Ethan's Dad's condition.  How dare she!  The truth?  What was she thinking?

And yeah.........  Owen asks Mer the "A" word question.  We've all known that was coming.

Power tools in the OR.  It's about time.

So Jo beat the Doc who hit her?  Lovin' that.  I hope she doesn't suffer for it.  Take it from a lawyer - the law isn't always just.  Will Alex take the fall?  Yes, he will.  Mer knows that - telling him not to do anything stupid was futile.  She chases after Jo, telling her not to let Alex take the fall.  She chases after Jo on the stairs.  Then the cleaning guy comes by with the power tool from the surgery she was kicked out of and Mer is pissed -- she stomps up the stairs, not watching where she's going and........

Damn it.  She falls.  I fell once when I was carrying my youngest.  I was getting out of the tub.  Thankfully, I landed on my hands and knees mostly but I was still terrified.  I see Mer's face -- yeah, I felt like that.  Just like that.

Shonda - leave the McNugget be!  Mer can be happy.  We don't need the dark and twisty back.  No losing the baby and a downward spiral in the marriage.  No threat of infidelity from Mer or Der - No, I tell you.  No.  A healthy McNugget means a healthy Mer/Der.  You listening, Sunshine???

Dear duck - Der's in emergency surgery on Ethan's Dad when Mer falls on the stairs.  He leaves it in the hands of the intern.  He had to go, of course - HAD TO - but it can't bode well for Ethan's PaPa.  Course, we all knew Ethan's Dad was a goner.  He has to die so that Owen and Cristina have to deal with that "A" word.

So far so good for the wee McNugget.

A musical proposal for Kepner?  Rose and all?  I still like her with Jackson better, but.......  what will she say?  She said yes - they throw roses.  But what will Jackson say?  His eyes meet April's........  Jackson is clapping - trying to be happy for April.  Yeah, Sunshine, we all see the circle.  She's trying to make April and Jackson the new Mer/Der.  But you know, the paramedic the paramedic is no Chris O'Donnell -- err, Veternarian Dr. Finn Dandridge......

Yep, we're heading for a trauma room scene with Jackson and April.......  It probably won't occur at a prom at the hospital though.  How many of those can they have?

But, yes, the proposal is why Owen kicked April out of her surgery.........

Dear Duck 2 - the visiting hot doc wants Arizona to show her the on call room?>  Really?

And Alex is trying to talk the beaten Doc out of calling the cops.  Alex is being smart.  Threatening the Doc with who Alex's friends are..........  No, Alex's friends don't like a guy who'll hit a girl.  It's the new Denny and the LVAD... But McDreamy overhears.  By the Book McDreamy - the cop's kid.......

And Webber calls Bailey on the carpet for avoiding the OR....  Good.  We need the Nazi back.

And then Mer goes to answer Owen's "A" question about Zola.  And Owen tells Mer all his feelings for Ethan - all the ones he should be telling Cristina.  But Owen thinks Cristina won't get it.  And Ethan's Dad wakes up --- so Owen is sad.  Very, very sad.  Cristina doesn't get it.........

I'm still wondering if Ethan's Dad will actually make it.

And, yeah, I'm still worried about the McNugget.....

The storm is rolling in...... And the paramedic has to speak with Jackson. He tells Jackson that Owen was in on it.  Will Jackson tell April?  Do bees bee?  Do birds bird?

And, yeah, Mer tells Cristina about the "A" conversation with Owen......  And the power is flickering as Arizona shows hot doc the on call room.  It had to be, right?  No, girl.  Don't do it.  Another flicker.  And a kiss......  Arizona gives the right answer.....  but the hot doc talks her into being bad......  And sometimes I like bad......  But I like Callie more.

Alex yells at Jo and she doesn't understand it means that he cares......  And they almost have their moment until... A tree falls right in the den........

Callie is looking for Arizona..........  and Mer's water breaks........  It's too early........

But sometimes, McNuggets arrive early, right?? But the preview doesn't look good.  A C Section in the dark?  An explosion -- and Mer's voice asking why the baby isn't breathing........and McDreamy trying to look calm with a horrified expression on his face?

Don't do it Shonda........  leave the McNugget alone!






This is a brief update based on an interesting news story out of Missouri via the New York Daily News.  It's about a couple into S&M.  The couple engaged in rough sexual play which was consensual.  From accounts, the acts are somewhat similar to those portrayed in the book "Fifty Shades of Grey" -- although it should be noted in a hurry that the acts are also vastly different.

Can you imagine Christian sharing Ana with other men?  Not if you've read the books, you can't.

The article that caught my eye was in the New York Daily News and entitled:  "Sex Slave Case in Missouri Raises Questions About Criminality of Bondage and Rough Sexual Activities."  The lead paragraph says:

EB (name omitted)  faces 11 counts of abuse against a woman, whom prosecutors claim was groomed to be his sex slave. His lawyer says it was consensual. Groups defending bondage and S&M activities fear the case's outcome could impact the legality of the lifestyle. It's gained more attention with the popularity of the bondage book '50 Shades of Grey.'

It's an interesting story, both because of the connection with 50 Shades and because of issues relative to the constitutionality of  the government intruding on a couple's sex life.  Does the state have grounds to call a halt to bedroom antics by an adult couple?  Prosecutors in the case say:  (names omitted)

"MB's `consent' to the sexual assaults by Defendant EB does not change whether the acts legally constitute assault or not. Pursuant to the Missouri state assault statute ... consent is not a defense to assault resulting in serious physical injury."

Check out the story and consider whether and when the government has a right to criminalize a married couple's sex life.

A search for "naughty school girls" hits the blog nearly every day and usually multiple times.  It's one of those strange things that makes me say -- hanh? 

It's the cover for Griffin's and John's post about covers that hits, I think.  I just find it an odd search to land on a romance blog.  I never see searches for naughty school boys hit, but now that I've mentioned it here - I bet they'll start coming too! 

Here are some random phrases thrown out just to attract searches everywhere: 

  • Shagging at Myrtle Beach;
  • Two For One Sale;
  • Lusty Ladies;
  • Lusty Lads;
  • Day Jobs Are Cruel and Unusual Punishment;
  • Geeks Are Sexy;
  • Sex On The Beach;
  • Sex In The Sand;
  • Handcuffs in Strange Places;
  • 9 to 5 Is 8 Hours Too Long;
  • Fifty Shades of Furries;
  • Whips and Chains With Cherries On Top;
  • Sex On A Tightrope Over Niagra Falls;
  • Forever Isn't Long Enough Unless It's Too Long;
  • Writers Are Strange People Who Do Strange Things;

Okay - that's enough for now.  Maybe we'll throw some more grist out for the search engines again later.

If you're strange enough to search for some of these things, you deserve what you hit and you should go buy one - or all - of my books immediately.  Think of it as penance.