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AOFM Christmas 2019 & New Year 2020 Recap

Guess who? That's right, it's me, Angry Old Fat Man, the husband of the Crazy Duck Lady.

We had a fairly good Christmas, including a big surprise.

I and the wife were fully expecting Zachary, my oldest boy, to come down to Myrtle Beach from New York State (Schenectady) for Christmas.
What we didn't anticipate, however, was a visit from Zachary's significant other, Clarissa.

She was a sweet enough girl, but she was EXTREMELY sensitive to cigarette smell. Crazy Morkie Mommy is a smoker, and we expected Clarissa to be put off a little by it, but wife tried to smoke outside of our own house for days before Clarissa got there, so that she and Zack could share Zack's bedroom for the days we celebrated Christmas (scandalous, back in my day, but I and the wife were fine with it).

That wasn't going to happen. Clarissa absolutely refused to stay in our house for more than a handful of hours. Instead, she saw the Super 8 down from our house and decided to sleep there while she stayed.
Not that it separated her and my son, who slept in her room there at least one night. But that's not really a story that needs to be told.

Samuel, my youngest boy, was up from Charleston as well, but with no attachments. Not that it matters, since he is doing post-grad academic work and is working very hard for a doctorate. No biggie for girlfriends there, though he dabbles a bit in that department. Like his dear old Dad back in the day, work is his main thing right now.
During Christmas, we attended a beautiful event at Brookgreen Gardens: The Nights of a Thousand Candles.

Some of the pictures we took:

Finally, we got through Christmas 2019 with a new backyard fence for our yappy little dog, Pixie Bear, so he could run around outside leash-free without us worrying on whether or not he'd find himself in another house or under some car tires.

And President Trump had impeachment charges filed against him for two or three things that aren't really crimes, especially high crime or even misdemeanors. Like, say, doing adulterous sexual acts while sitting in the Oval Office and then lying to law enforcement about it.

Oh, which reminds me that my wife and I celebrated our 31st marriage anniversary. Which is completely unrelated to the above acts, I swear. 😁