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Slavery – Common Sense vs. Conventional Ignorance

The Obese Man with Anger Issues here.

I gotta tell you, there are few things that make me more angry than pure, unadulterated ignorance.

So there is ignorance that is very understandable, for instance like quantum mechanics, regular old vehicle mechanics, computer operations, etc. etc.

Then there is stuff that is easily decipherable as garbage, but because of huge amounts of propaganda and gullible fools, is spread upon the society as if it was the gospel truth.

Let's look at slavery, particularly the American variety which was restrained to blacks from the continent of Africa.

Let us first look at the ignorance itself, so that we can deconstruct and hence refute it.
Here is a black comedian using the ignorance as a joke. The fact that he uses it as a joke makes me hope he knows the truth about it, but I will use it nonetheless because a joke needs to be understood and probably believed to elicit laughter

To review:
According to the joke, white men went to Africa, chased down black men (presumably on horseback), captured them (presumably with nets or lassos), practically dragged them to boats, and sailed to America where the were sold to work on plantations.

This is woefully untrue. Anyone who can use common sense who can think a very tiny bit could tell you that.

There are several "secrets" (some of them being humorous themselves) that will allow you to see that indeed, this is all wrong and stems from ignorance.

  • Ancient boats were not spacious, thus could not hold horses.

If white men wanted to chase down a large number of black men, they would need horses.
Could they get horses in Africa? Not really. So they would have needed to ship the horses to Africa AND BACK.
This is the most unreasonable part for a detestable slaver. Any horse on the boat during a return trip would mean fewer slaves to sell, hence less profit, especially after such costly effort in chasing and capturing black men. So there was no chasing done.

White men will do as little work as possible to get the most money.

This funny little secret is true even in the modern day.

A white man's perfect job is to get handed a huge salary for sitting down and practically doing nothing. That's why an enormous majority of company executives, lawyers, and politicians are... hold on to your hat... white men.

Given this secret aspect of white culture, do you think the white slavers would even exit their boats if they didn't have to? Oh hell no.

And it turns out they didn't have to. They simply arranged an exchange of slaves for (heartfelt apologies for the equivalence) other valuable goods and had them loaded by... wait for it... unenslaved black men.

OK, but why would free black men load other blacks on to a slave ship? Simply because the captured blacks were captured in wars with other blacks.

As there is war that rages between African nations today, so it has been happening for hundreds of years ago, even before mass European slavery existed. Tribe fought against tribe, and sadly enough, there was a time that every defeated tribesman was murdered.

Then the white man showed up and things got worse, but slightly better for a very few tribesmen.

The white man came bearing superior weapons and (slave-made) rum in exchange for their defeated opposing tribesmen.

A small percentage of those black men were shipped to America, where they avoided death in Africa and eventual well-deserved freedom.

Unfortunately, this snippet of history doesn't make a good joke. But at least it's not damnable ignorance.