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Reparations – The Correct Way

Congress has suddenly noticed that the U.S.A. formerly had slaves back before 1865.
I know, crazy, right? It does take Congress awhile to figure stuff out.

But, they finally 154 years ago realized what was happening and ended it.

It seems though, in 2019, this same organization must have done some extensive research and deduced that people in the U.S.A. owned slaves (granted, if the 1860 Census can be believed, a very small percentage of them).

And of course, being the Federal Government, they want all taxpayers to give bunches of money to black people now to FURTHER fix the problem they had already fixed back then. Granted, there is no slave or slave owner alive in 2019 (or have probably been alive for at least 50 years).

There are a little over 40 million blacks in America as of around 2016. If we pay each one, let's say $10,000, which is about the current price of a rural undeveloped 40 acres and a mule (the amount of reparations promised by Abraham Lincoln but never paid), that would total up to 400 billion dollars.
There have been crazy public estimates of 6.4 trillion bucks today. Even that may be low, given what I'm about to tell you.

Now, to reveal all of the truth, this is not the very first time that the American government has looked upon the evil of slavery and decided to try and solve all of the problems related to it in our nation.

First off, we had a huge war in our land to basically eliminate slavery. This was the American Civil War, and it was responsible for the death of at least 600,000 Americans on both sides of the issue.

The second attempt to fix the institutional racism that was still present approximately 100 years after the war was Lyndon Baines Johnson's Great Society, also known as the War on Poverty (poverty being a major attribute of the black family at the time).

So, in order to address the need for slavery reparations, money per se shall always be an insufficient solution.

Let us apply reparations in proper measure to that which we have already paid, that is human life and resources that have not worked and yet continue to be paid.

Reparation 1: Human life - Ban black abortions for one year.

We cannot simply wish 600,000 lives to resurrect themselves. What we can do, however, is to minimize death among blacks. Considering that abortion ends future human life, proper reparations would be ending abortion for blacks, unless the unborn baby endangered the life of the mother.
Also considering that abortion destroys an average of 1,000,000 lives every year, it would only take one year of forbidding it to get the number of lives back that were "paid" in the Civil War.

Reparation 2: Economic resources - allow blacks to live tax-free for five years.

While LBJ did great things to equalize opportunities via the Civil Right Acts, the War on Poverty has cost all of us 22 trillion dollars in current adjusted funds. Not even one ghetto has been closed up for this amount of recompense.
Since starting new social programs and whatnot has been shown to not solve the problem, let us instead allow black taxpayers to keep their money, which should be much more beneficial, efficient, and immediate than a new bureaucracy.
The yearly budget for the Federal Government currently stands at approximately 4 trillion dollars. If we do some rounding, we can get to 20 trillion dollars of tax-free living in five years.

There we are. Proper reparations done, and I bet they'd be a lot better than just throwing more money down a bottomless sinkhole.