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God Emperor of Soon – Installment 9

Installments 1, 2, 3, 45, 6 , 7. and 8



I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas. - Hillary Prima

It was Coronation Day.

The day that Hillary had been waiting to experience for over 10,000 years. The day she would take her rightful place as Empress of Humanity, the position she had been born to fill, born an almost infinite number of times. Her destiny was finally here, just within her hungry, yearning grasp.

She was painstakingly dressed by the attentive Duck-Speakers in the finest silk and satin, a glorious gown and train that almost glowed of its own accord. On her head rested the Crown of the Universe, made from the most precious and beautiful materials and jewels known to mankind. The radiance was blinding, like a multicolored sun had settled upon her head to announce her exalted status.

She held the Scepter of Authority, which gave her absolute power over every life in her new empire. It was adorned with exactly the same jewels and metals as the Crown. Even though it looked massive in her hands and had a decent heft to it, it was surprisingly well balanced and easy to wield.

Before her was the giant ceremonial chamber from the first gathering where the traitorous Duck-Speakers were so brutally executed. She had workmen make a few changes to it though.

There was a long, breath-taking staircase to show off the train of her gown and her glory as Empress when she waved to her subjects, smiling and expressing her approval of their adoration. She had the throne, which had been fabricated just for her, set at the bottom of the staircase at the same level as the audience, to show the peons that she could sympathize with their relatively unimportant lives and simple, childlike thoughts. See? I'm just like all of you! Except I'm not, I'm far, far above you intellectually, morally, and practically every other way, and I can do whatever I want to whomever I want whenever I want, you little smug shits!

And she would have that throne for all eternity, thanks to the ghola technology. When this body of hers grew weary of life, she could have a fresh new Hillary put right where she would be sitting in a few short moments.

Hillary the Ghola began to prepare for her ascent to the throne, which was physically a descent, but for symbolic reason only. She took a deep breath, and looked upon the loving faces of her attendants just before she slowly took center stage to bathe in the spotlights and draw the attention of awestruck observers.

As she walked to that place onstage, she saw something out of the corner of her eye backstage. A female figure - dressed in the same splendor as herself! Impossible. Then, she saw the face...

No. No no no no. It couldn't be! It could not be! But... it was! That round, chubby-cheeked face! Those full, pouty lips! That raven black short-cropped hair!


Hillary missed a step while not watching where she was going. She tilted, dropped her Scepter, began flailing. She went headfirst down the stairs, the first impact of her skull against the hard marble steps accented with a loud, sickening crack of her neck vertebra. Like a thrown ragdoll, she continued to tumble until she flopped onto the bottom surface. Her lifeless eyes stared upward at the figure walking carefully down the path where she fell. It removed the Crown from her disheveled hair and placed it on its own head. The Scepter was already in its fingers as it went back up to the top of the stairs.

There, the figure took a more familiar shape. The shoulders broadened. The height increased. Finally, the face took a more masculine tone.

It was Jenner, the shapeshifter.

He thought about what he had done to secure this throne - his throne. Advanced the medical technology used in the clone and ghola programs, using his wife's sister Kim Kardashian as biomechanical equipment to experiment with, to give himself shapeshifting powers.

Indirectly assassinated Trump, who had been for all intents and purposes invincible, by goading countless Hillarys to test His limitations and have her find weapons to exploit those limitations.

And just a few days ago, activated a little-known failsafe in the axlotl tank laboratory and the Hillary ghola rooms to burn them and purify them of all life. Microscopic life, and walking, talking life as well. Much like a very, very late term abortion, of sorts.

Now he waved to the enraptured crowd. A confused, enraptured crowd. And as he sat down and enjoyed the applause (though it was much less applause than he appreciated), Jenner knew he had brought about a new age. The age of the human ruler who possessed all of humanity's traits all in one body. Simultaneously male and female, once mortal but now immortal, with any color of skin or any shape he desired to take or wished to show his audience.

"I win", thought Jenner.