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God Emperor of Soon – Installment 6

Installments 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 .


I believe the primary role of the state is to teach, train, and raise children. Parents have a secondary role. - Hillary Prima

Hillary the Ghola was suspicious. "Where are you taking me? What do I need to see?"

Jenner replied, "We are going to where you were born. Or, more correctly, where gholas are born. And what you need to see is what all the Hillarys have seen that made them understand what a true monster Trump is. Not just His outward form, but his inner self as well."

The elevator came to a slow stop. When they exited, Hillary smelled the antiseptic scent of a laboratory. She looked around at massive and gross biomechanical structures surrounding them.

She saw staff attending to the more mechanical sections of the room. They were wearing... was that what she thought she saw?

"Those are..."

Jenner spotted what Hillary was gawking at. "Oh, I forgot, it's been so long. Yes Hillary, those are Mickey Mouse ears."

She felt like she had parachuted into the nation of Crazyland, into Batshit Province, and landed in the main square of the capital city Bugfucking Insaneburg.

"This technology was pioneered by the Disney Company before it became the Disney Empire, which was conquered by Trump's armies in the Great Entertainment wars. They used it, or at least a primitive form of it, to create their pop music princesses. Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Hilary (hehe) Duff, and every other 'blonde slut' slave they had. Trump decided to let the staff keep their religious regimen in the Disney Empire, which included wearing the headgear. Helped calmed things down, you understand."

Hillary marveled at the story and how incredible it all was.

"This current body you inhabit was born from an axlotl tank," Jenner said. "But you have never been informed about what an axlotl tank is."

As Jenner led Hillary around parts of the veiny, fleshy, gray walls to other slightly smaller portions of the structures, it kept educating her. "You probably could have guessed that the axlotl tanks were giant artificial wombs from how their very purpose was described to you, and you possibly might have guessed that they were at least partially biological - I mean, we're dealing with fetuses and infants here; a completely sanitary mechanical environment wouldn't be suitable for such things. It has to be somewhat... messy."

They reached a large stretch of fabric. "But what you could not have guessed was that these are not giant artificial wombs."

Jenner pulled back the cloth.

"They are all too real. And they are attached to real women."

A grossly distorted face looked at Hillary with blind, discolored, skewed eyes. Hillary still recognized it, though.

It was Chelsea Clinton. Her daughter transformed into an enormously obese, immobile blob of female flesh designed for one thing and one thing only.

Trump, that ugly worm, had turned her daughter into a baby-making machine.

A moan started slowly in Hillary's throat and built in intensity until she was lying on the floor, screaming and screeching like an animal on fire.

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