I've just uploaded A Sixth Sense Of Forever to Amazon's Kindle.  It will be available on Smashwords soon.  I'll probably go ahead and publish it to Lulu and Scribd, although I'm not certain.   

My talented graphic designer/computer programmer hubby did the cover, and it has deep meaning for the novel.  I think it's one of his best.   He's working to format it for CreateSpace, so it should be available in paperback on Amazon soon.

After the Amazon paperback is out, I'll upload the ebook to Lightningsource, the phenomenal ebook distribution service I'm now working with.  I hope to publish paperback versions with them soon, because they have a great network of retail partners for ebooks and paperbacks.  Unfortunately, there are some additional costs for publishing paperbacks through LS - namely, the purchase of ISBN numbers.  A block of 10 costs about $250-$300 and in today's economy with a downsized household and an eldest about to start college - that expense will just have to wait. 

But the book is on the way, so keep your eyes open!  It is Boz's story, and I think everyone who read Faerie and Golden wants to see how Boz handles his courtship.  Here's a hint - The Duke of Sedgewick gets struck harder than Nial or Colt.  But then, he had it coming.  

Check out Sixth Sense  and let me know what you think!

UPDATE 08/09/2009 10:00 P.M. from angryoldfatman:

A Sixth Sense Forever is already available for purchase on Kindle, though the page is only partially updated (e.g., no description yet). I have linked to it from the book list page and changed all mentions of the title in this blog post to point to the book itself. The sidebar has also been updated.

Other links will be added to the list as Sixth Sense becomes available via the other sales channels Mary Anne mentioned.

Happy reading!

Mary Anne's husband here again with a brief announcement: A Golden Forever, the second book in Mary Anne's Forever series, is now available in paperback from CreateSpace. It will eventually arrive on Amazon.com; when it does, I will provide a link to it on the book list page.

In the meantime, enjoy my wife's blog entry about Michael Jackson the romance novelist below. AOFM, a.k.a. Hubby, out.

Did you know that Golden and Faerie - my books now out in paperback - are about Arts & Photography? 

It was a shock to me too.  I can only imagine how much it surprises, and perhaps appalls the highbrow artsy browsers at Amazon.  I can hear them murmuring and muttering now, one of those books in our section?  Love and lust, sex and second chances, over the top head over wonder worm heroes in love - right here with books about art?  How dare the writer post such drivel in this section!

Well, this invasion wasn't intentional.  I self published Golden and Faerie through the Amazon subsidiary, CreateSpace.  I chose that service after some research into pricing and retail channels.  With their pro plan, I can price my books reasonably, price them at numbers I'd pay for a book.  With some of the other services, by the time the initial publishers' commission got added on, and then Amazon or the retail channel commission got added on, a paperback book would be priced at $25 to $30.  Lord knows, I'd never pay that for a  paperback and wouldn't expect anyone else to either.  With CreateSpace and the pro plan, my books get automatically listed on Amazon.  I can price them well (now listed at $12.95) and everyone can still make a little money.  It's that automatic part that's caused me some trouble.

When I did the initial book listing, I paid a lot of attention to the category, genre and sub-genre. I debated pricing with my marketing-manager hubby.  What I overlooked was one small drop-down list.  It was the browse section, meaning, where books are listed for browsing on the Amazon site.  The first entry, where you'd get set if you don't change it, is Arts & Photography.  It's such a small little list compare to the rest of the data on the site.  Small and easy to overlook.  But sometimes, the small things are the big things.  Yes, I should have sweated the small stuff.

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The husband here, reporting for duty.

I have been doing other things besides reading my wife's book, Brotherly Love, believe it or not. Avoiding stabbing myself in the neck or running out in front of a Greyhound bus while screaming in terror, for instance.

Not a big fan of the romance genre. Sorry.

Anyways, one actual useful thing I've been doing is getting A Faerie Fated Forever ready for paperback. To be blunt, I never liked the original job I did on the cover design. It seemed a bit amateurish to me, which is strange because it was not the first one I ever did (that one was E-Mail Enticement). So I took the opportunity to change the front cover and make it a little more professional looking.

You should now see the new cover on our website, both in the sidebar and, of course, in the Complete List of E-Books page. I will look into how difficult it is to change the cover on the e-book sites. If it's worth the trouble, you'll be seeing the new cover on those as well.

And where else will you be seeing the new Faerie cover, you may ask? Why, on the paperback of course! The CreateSpace page is up for it already, but it won't be active until we get the proof copy and make sure everything is acceptable for you, the reader. The Amazon page selling the paperback will be up and running shortly after that.

Announcement time from Mary Anne's husband here!

Thanks to the wonderful new technology of print-on-demand (or as they call it in publishing circles, POD), we now present to you Mary Anne's first book, Brotherly Love, in paperback form!

You may purchase Brotherly in all of its solid, material, flingable glory from two online POD publishers, Lulu and CreateSpace.

We will publish the remaining titles as paperbacks on CreateSpace and link them via our Complete List of E-Books section here on the Quacking Alone weblog. We published Brotherly as a paperback on Lulu before we realized the advantages of using CreateSpace instead - the main advantage being a lower price to you, the customer. It doesn't hurt that CreateSpace is an Amazon.com company either, and that they distribute books via Target Stores in some cases.

As always, we will still make Mary Anne's titles available as e-books through Kindle, Mobipocket, Smashwords, and Lulu. These are the quickest and most cost-effective means of getting content out to you, so we wouldn't dream of cutting off these channels to you technologically savvy romance lovers out there, what with your iPhones and Kindles and all.

I simply recommend that you don't hurl such expensive pieces of machinery towards somebody's noggin - buy a nice paperback for that sort of thing, mmkay? You'll thank me later.

UPDATE 04/30/2009: Remember what I said about Amazon.com? Well guess what? Here it is, the paperback on Amazon.

It's almost like being a new Daddy again. With more sleep and less baby spewage.