Hey kiddies, it's the husband again.

Mary Anne is working on wrapping up Duke of Eden for all of you who are lusting for some closure on that serial, so blogging duties have fallen on me once again.

Let me pull out and dust off something I wrote back on December 10, 2003. It was not quite the height of the Hate Bush II movement, since it was still his first term, but the Left and their allies in the news media outlets were getting fired up with anti-war rhetoric and hypocritical hatred of Dubya.

Now with the Libya operations, there has been a strange turnaround with the rhetoric. You too can be prepared to predict these turnarounds (among many other trends) if you simply memorize the guide to television news I wrote over 7 years ago:

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Unless you serve in our heroic armed forces, being an American is generally more about privilege than price. Today is different. Today is the day we do our job as citizens of the best country in the history of the world.

Today we decide our country's direction by choosing to re-hire the politicians who've been working for us or by letting them go and hiring someone new.

Today is NOT ABOUT your political persuasion. Today is about being an American. GET OUT AND VOTE!!!