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Starting with McDreamy bliss and kidus interruptus.  A frustrated McDreamy is still mighty yummy. Lots of sexy stuff in the opener - Owen and Cristina too, proving nobody sexes like the exes.

Oh, and as to the voiceover - if I'm in an OR holding a scalpel, someone's really in trouble.

A tanker accident - leaking gas- a family in trauma.  That's Grey's.  Close the ER?  No way.

A sick kid that everyone is dismissing but the Mom?  Mothers always know.

Okay, now the tanker exploded.  And the patient covered with gasoline ignored the docs and went outside for a ciggie.  Didn't any of these people ever hear of e-cigs?  My brand is "Logic" - their platinum has the max nicotine and a heavier vapor.  It's the bomb and comes in rechargables - 5 are like $19.99.  Some offices even allow you to use them at your desk, BTW and I hear lot's of hospitals okay them in the rooms.  (Hey, it's commercial time on the show too!)

Oh - Jackson's working on the paramedic who played hero while April has to go try to help Karev save a baby.  Given that April's been to the carnival and the paramedic thinks she hasn't - that's got to worry April.  They save the baby but mama's bleeding.  Come on guys - every new little Angel deserves a grown up Angel of their very own.

Mom with the sick kid is back.  His fever is higher.  Docs want to turn them away.  But Mom's a fighter.  Any parent of a special kid better be a fighter. Yeah for Meredith!  Her mommy sense is already well - honed, isn't it.  Yes, admit the kid because if Mom says he's sick, he's probably sick.  And then the little boy Owen's been watching sneaks away and finds Mom just waking from brain surgery and she doesn't remember him.  Okay, I know it's possible.  My brain knows it's possible - but I can't imagine it.  Brain surgery, amnesia and all - I'd know my kid.  (Insert Mr. Duck making a helicopter sound here.)

Jackson treating the paramedic's arse when April walks in?  Priceless.

Gosh, the mom who had the baby and is now dying wanted to name her baby Rose?  Really?  That's the heroine's name in my WIP. (She hooks up with a lovely Highland laird named Ramsay)

It's the Bing it On ad.  That campaign reminds me of my sons who like to trade bad puns - the "badder" the better and the "baddest" is the best.  And yes, they're 22 and 15 but their mom is a nutty duck lady.  Considering that, they're pretty normal - in duck universe terms.

It's pretty easy to see that the lovely Owen Cristina reunion will be in trouble after this epi, unless Cristina's changed her mind about parenthood.  Maybe they can adopt an older kid?  Lots of older kids need great parents.  Will the parents of Owen's surrogate son survive?  If both pass away or are incapacitated and Owen keeps the kid, that could be a big ole' obstacle for Cristina.  Sur-son's Dad coded - he's being placed on ice.

Oh, and the newborn's mom didn't make it.  Not fair.  Jo's new boyfriend won't  tell mom's hubby that his wife died.  New boyfriend says the mom wasn't his patient - he passed her along to April. So Alex will do it to save the distraugt April from having to.  And Jo's intern friend called the new boyfriend sensitive?  Those ladies need a new dictionary. And April was left in tears, sobbing beside Jackson.  Those two are not finished.

And the mystery patient has Kawasaki's. Meredith catches it.  'Course, we knew it was Kawasaki's.  The amazing actress playing the mom is Sarah Chalke of Roseanne and Scrubs and she's a real life Kawasaki's mom.  She's doing the show to raise awareness of the disease which can cause permanent heart damage if not caught in time. You go, Sarah....

Callie gets to give her speech.  Only she doesn't do the one she rehearsed.  Now she talks about cartilege - what holds us together when things fall apart.

And April goes to her paramedic boyfriend.  Asking if he believes in fated love, telling him that her patient, the new mom, had a love like that with her husband.  Why would God bring them together if it was just to be torn apart?  The paramedic tells April he loves her - and she's shocked.  He says he "loves her too."  But she wanted him to listen to her questions and now she has a bigger one of her own.

And Cristina tells Owen that in icing down Owen's surrogate kid's real Dad, she was trying to save him.  She wants the family reunited too.  Owen acts like Cris hates kids if she doesn't want to be a mom, and that's just not true.

Oh, dearest duck.  Mer asks Bailey to do gene mapping on her and Zola.  Mer wants to know if she's going to get Alzheimer's like her Mom.  No, she really, really doesn't need to know that right now, while she's pregnant and needs to be cooking up a happy baby.  Happy babies are born to happy Moms.

Mer, oh Mer -- was she missing her dark and twisty side that much?

The voice over - work keeps us out of trouble?  Have these people seen my office?

McDreamy talking to the McNugget?  Now that's yummy.  Even if Meredith is already in worried Mommy mode.  Yeah, an idle mind will get us into trouble - or at least mischief.  Meredith is worried about her baby?  She should try being a Type1 Diabetic hearing the laundry list of hideous possibilities from a whole team of doctors.

So the new "Grey+Sloan Memorial" is a high tech wonderland.  Hopefully, they have a team of IT people.  McGeeks.

Matthew's never "been to the carnival?"  He thinks April's never been either - and April is worried about corrupting Matthew.  Yo, April - this is not a good subject to discuss with dark and twisty Meredith.

The sweet teacher has cancer?  I've got to take another aspirin.  Did y'all see that study where they say that taking at least 3 aspirin a week helps prevent cancer?  I mean seriously, it helps heart patients and now it prevents cancer?  And you can buy a big bottle of generic aspirin for $1.99 while a prescription antibiotic that will do bupkis for heart problems or cancer costs enough to feed you for a week.  What genius sets these pricing priorities?

Now April's talking to Callie about the carnival?

Karev is screwing with Jo's doctor boyfriend.  Good for him!

There's a very angry father pushing around an intern.  McDreamy is doing brainsurgery on angry father's kid.  Am I a bad person because I look forward to angry father trying out that 'tude on McDreamy?

The teacher lies to her kids and says she'll be right back to teaching.  Meredith lies and agrees when the teacher asks her too.  (April - see what I mean about that whole morality coaster carnival ride?)

Okay, Karev - having the doctor boyfriend call out in the waiting room for patient Genny Talia?  Reminds me of The Simpsons.  Paging Dr. Bart.........  is that a scary thought or what?

And Cristina's cutting edge surgery turns out to be -- a pitch session for funding for phase 3 of a clinical trial.  Get used to it, Cristina.  All those lives in your OR and all those futures in a Courtroom?  They're the fun part of practice.  But the bottom line is that without a strong bottom line there is no practice.  Even businesses that aren't about business - are all about business.

Cristina rants while Mer worries about the baby kicking.  And Mer thinks Cristina's voice will calm down the baby?  Uh ohh - there's Bailey who has been wanting to pitch Genome mapping.  So Bailey pitches to the McNugget -- and it calms down the tyke-in-production.

Webber tells Karev to get more creative than fake patients with funny names.  So he has doctor boyfriend bring a urine sample to Bailey.  Okay - guffaw.  That was funny.

And Cristina pays back the doctor who was pitching her by giving Bailey his research money.  Yep.  Business can be fun.

Calzona and the massage?  Now that's sexy.  Massages are always sexy - just ask Mr. Duck!  You know, he needs to blog again soon.  Maybe he should post one about how he manages not to kill a crazy duck lady.  A self-help book for all the men married to romance writers trying to get their careers to bud.  It would be a public service, really.

Okay, the new full body scan was cool.  I just think April needs to stop looking for clues from the universe.  That's my job.  (If my hubby tells me about a bird he saw in the yard, I'll ask -- was it a lucky bird?)  But really, April, the universe isn't always trying to solve your carnival crisis.  Ride or don't ride.  Just be happy about it.

McDreamy takes out angry Dad with one big emotional punch.  That's his specialty really.  He's an emotional savant.  How else could he have a happy marriage with Meredith?

Meredith and her mania about the baby are driving McDreamy crazy.  So - he takes Mer off to do all the testing he can think of to try to ease her mind.  See - an emotional savant.

The first McDreamy McNugget pic!  Okay, all the parents out there - it's memory lane time.  AND IT'S A BOY!!!

Homework assignment - Name the McNugget***-

Okay Grey's peeps, I took a week off from liveblogging Grey's and then the show had a wee hiatus.  But it's back and so am I.  How will Seattle Grace fare with Jackson running the show?

One pre-show thought - what is it with April and men in charge?  First McDreamy and now Jackson?  Just a thought.... Will April's heating fling/thing with the paramedic fizzle out under the bright lights of Jackson's power play?

His first move is firing Owen?  You go Cristina - but Meredith wins the round.  She reminds Jackson that the doctor's sued the hospital over the plane crash that killed Lexie.  But Owen is still on the chopping block -- so he takes on Jackson.  Derek has to save the big, bad power powerbroker - and it works until Owen quits.  Does anybody think Cristina will let Owen quit?

Nope, she chases Owen outside.  He tells her Derek blames him for the crash.  Uhh Ohh - now Cristina's going McDreamy hunting.  He'd still be cute with an arrow between his eyes.

Now there are 3 organ transplant surgeries in one day and no transplant coordinator - because Owen was going to do that job.  And April's trying to talk one donor out of donating.  (I"m a lawyer and I have no idea if Cardiac Death donation is legal.)  But I love April's crusading spirit -- even if I suspect she's gonna be power crushin' on Jackson real soon.

Jo's talking to Mer about Alex.  Is Jo really that clueless?  I've heard men try to claim that they "know" first, but I don't know if I believe it.  What do y'all think?

Cristina suggests that the warring neighbors get transplants on the same day - domino style - but one of them is ornery enough to reject it on principal:  he doesn't want anything to do with his neighbor's heart.  Mer and Jo arrive to find--- a kidnapped kidney??  Seriously?  We're at commercial now but the docs have just said they're done;  Mer said, where's our kidney;  and the docs give each other that Cpt. Kirk/Spock look -- oh so dramatic.  It can only mean -- a kidnapped kidney.  Unless I'm wrong - which does happen.  Hey,  If Shonda was going to get alliterative, how about "the purloined pancreas?"

It seems the kidney is on a plane to Seattle....  How?  I'm wondering if it was Owen.

Catherine thinks Richard wants Jackson's job ---- he tells her she's setting Jackson up to fail.  Yo, Richard - never get between a Mama and her baby boy.  A mama's baby stays a mama's baby - whether he's 2, 22 or 32.  (My oldest baby toddles onto a stage to get his engineering degree in May.  He thinks he's grown, but I know better - just like Catherine.  Except - I don't always know better.  Sometimes, I just think I'm right.)

April comes around - and now it's time for Cristina and Derek to have a heart to heart.  She asks Derek what his deal with Owen is about - "it's not about him" she says and Derek doesn't disagree.  Is it Mark?  Did Derek decide he was betraying Mark by befriending Owen?  We'll see, now they've started the transplant two-step.

Jackson steps up and says "that is it."  And it is it --  who can overrule him?  (Only Mama, of course.)  Bailey in Jackson's corner is interesting.  She was in the Chief's corner for a lot of years.

Mer and Jo arrive with the kidney.  No explanations - except that Jo fought hard for it.

Derek goes after Owen.  Derek says he's been pissed at the world - and at Mark.  And April has to drag a distraught Mama off the son who just turned off his vent so his heart would die and he could donate his organs.  It's a noble thing to do but I'd have sawed off the hand of anyone touching that vent.  Just saying.  Again.  Don't mess with a mama's baby.

And Richard and Catherine are still fighting over Jackson.  She tells him to back off.  Then she tells Richard she's been looking for a father for Jackson for 28 years.  Ahmm - does that sort of make Meredith and Jackson siblings?  Step-siblings?

Now Jackson takes control of the board meeting.  Owen agrees to come back.  Jackson says they are re-opening the ER.  Awww - and they re-name the hospital: GREY - SLOANE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.

Yep- that sounds just right.



The initial meeting reminds me of lawyer's trying to settle a case.  Owen and Cristina are doing the wild thing and the other plane crash docs are negotiating the wild thing.  They're talking buying the hospital and this time, Arizona and Callie are on opposite sides.  Arizona thinks Derek feels guilty that he got the money and gets to keep his career.

She might be right.  McDreamy is good at buying his own tickets for guilt trips.  I do that all the time and it takes one to know one. The next day at the hospital, Arizona apologizes for calling McDreamy egomaniacal.  Then they see the picture.  It's a lot of McDreamy.

Karev still has that sparkle in his eyes working with Jo over a sick baby.  But he really doesn't want to have that sparkle.  Watching such a cutie pie fight himself should be fun.

Oh, gosh.  A second sick kid in the same epi.  I hate seeing sick kids.  This one needs experimental treatment.  The new hospital doesn't do experimental.  Are they unaware of the dangers of saying no to the Nazi?

And Cristina is not on board with the sale -- yet.  She'll get there.  She's a rebel at heart.

OK.  April having the "How do I tell the cute paramedic I won't sleep with him," convo with Jackson was awkward.  It still reminds me of the period when McDreamy was with Addison and Meredith was trying to make a life with other people.

The interns telling Cristina that the "new hospital" feels like working at a trade school seemed to wake her up, didn't it?  Cristina doesn't do second class medicine.   And the meeting about changes with the staff?  Not so smooth.

McDreamy gets tired of playing McModel just as Owen is telling Bailey he didn't even bother to take her proposed experimental treatment on the sick kid to the board.  Owen knew it would be turned down.  His scream at Bailey that the answer was no,  just no?  That was the last straw.  Now Derek has to find a really buff stallion to ride in on when he saves the day.

Callie waits outside and it's a dark and stormy night... Oh.. she's meeting McDreamy and a financial advisor.  He tells her that they have to form a company to buy the hospital and then run the company like a board.  Boy, the occupants of the van in the rain keep changing.  Uh Oh... the advisor tells Cristina she can't tell Owen but he'll end up being Chief.

Cahill's giving Owen a world-class brown nose.  She says she's good at her job and she's right b/c Owen's buying what she's selling.  And I can smell it from the other side of the country.  She's talked Owen into going into a room and trying to lie to a room full of nurses and staff.  They buy it too - really?? Cristina tries to get Owen to cough up the Kool Aide but he's still strolling down guilt lane over having put all the docs on the plane.

Only on Grey's would calling a woman "the biggest ball busting Ice Queen bitch he's ever met" be a pep talk.

YOU GO BAILEY - she tells sick kid's Dad that if he wants to save his kid, he better check out of Seattle Grace.  That even woke up Arizona.

Guilt and Coffee - That should've been the title of this epi.  All the docs are either towing a truckload of guilt or getting a shot of reality -- sometimes both.

Jo and Karev with the baby again.  He's telling Jo it can work b/c it worked for Mer/Der....

The Jackson comment to April - whispered - awww -- "he'll follow you anywhere."

Pegasus wants to move up the closing and the only way to save their shot to buy the hospital is by quitting.  Cristina's quitting with that "me too" when Owen had that betrayed look on his face? That took mad courage.

And the innocuous intern is the one defacing the McDreamy posters?  Perhaps,  he's not so innocuous after all.  I've been pegging him as the George of the group and George did have his moments.  George died from one of those moments.  Ohhh - intern was doing it at Derek's instructions.  Yeah, that's sort of like George and the Chief.

Cristina's worried about Owen not understanding.  He may not.

The paramedic is saving himself for marriage?  So, April worried for nothing.  Except now, he'll think her "I am too" means that she is a virgin.....  wait... will she tell him?  Darn, she doesn't.

Jo turns down a beer.  She has a date.  She asked the other guy out...

And Owen knocking and screaming for Cristina but she's not there.

The epi ends where my blog last week ended.  With the docs trying to find a name for the group buying the hospital.  I'm still working on that too.

But after this epi - I'VE FIGURED OUT SHONDA'S BIGGEST SHUFFLE OF ALL!  Did y'all get it yet?  She's trying to plant a little bit of the Mer/Der magic in each developing couple on the show. Who knew Shonda Rhimes was such a gardener?

If she plants the McMagic, will it grow?






Okay, QA fans - you strange crowd, you - here goes my first shot at live blogging Grey's Anatomy.  This week's episode is - "The Face Of Change."

First, I'm already over Jackson and the intern chick.  Her name escapes me at the moment.  I liked Jackson with April - there was enough clash to give the combo some dash.  Don't get me wrong, April and the paramedic have promise, but it feels a little like Meredith and the Vet - close, but not quite. I do like Jo with Karev, though.  They might be the right match.

Why did they name the would-be buyers Pegasus?  The Pegasus is an emblem of UCF - my eldest's college (and soon to be alma mater- he graduates in May).    And UCF is a great school -

Jackson's seminar - Sidebar - borrowing a court term for a medical show is lame.

Up to the scene with April getting her trauma fix with the cute paramedic.  I'm liking April more and more these days.  I'm hopeful that she'll give up her quest to be "perfect." She should realize that so long as she keeps caring for others, giving of herself and not going out of her way to hurt other people - that'll make her a quacking fine person in anyone's book.  She's become kind of kick ass lately so she's really got promise.  If Jackson's not careful, she'll pass him by before he realizes what he's lost.

The underground ER is kind of cool.  Maybe I could afford one of those.  Not a speakeasy -- maybe a treateasy?

Jackson asking April in the treateasy - "Your ride along was a date?"  Reminds me of Derek when he was trying to stay married telling Meredith in the OR about how much it hurt knowing she was with other men.  That was the patented Shonda shuffle. And Derek running interference for the treateasy?  McDreamy.  (His is the face of Seattle Grace, right?  What kind of new idiot buyers wouldn't know that?)

I also like Callie and the Chief going all undercover.  Mr. and Mrs. Plantain rocked it cool-style.  The Chief is a softie but I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Callie.  Love their interrogation of the docs.  It reminded me of "soylant green is people."

Jackson and Karev bonding over surgery was kind of nice.  And Meredith's anti-geek style saved the day when her rep for "deleting" patients from the iPad helps cover for the docs rebellion of mercy.  And of course, the line of interns being questioned?  That's Denny and the L-Vad investigation.  Shonda's shuffling a lot tonight.

Love Jackson and Karev taking responsibility.  Call McDreamy on the carpet, will Miss Dr. Accountant?

And it takes Meredith to open Karev's eyes about his feelings for Jo?

The Chief is talking early retirement?  That'd be sad for him.  His dream probably isn't staying home to write a book.

April and the cute EMT again - he came back to check on the patient - and to try again w/April.  "I like you.  I really like you."  How sweet - and Jackson walking by during that kiss?  That's not sweet.  That's karma.

Jo and Karev toasting w/doughnuts?  That's my kind of toast.  And that look in Karev's eyes.  Yep.  Change is coming.

Owen goes back to Cristina and he knew she was a treateasy cohort.

The meeting?  Callie suggests what I predicted last week.   Yep.  The new doctorillionaires are going to buy the hospital.  They'll win that battle just like Dempsey won the fight for Tully's.  I'm not buying  the promo for next week where McDreamy says he's resigning -

But you know what I am buying?  Yeah, that poster in the elevator.  The PR folks weren't so stupid after all.







Yes, Mer/Der lovers, on the last episode, "Bad Blood,"  - baby McDreamy kicked for the first time!

Doesn't every mother remember that feeling?  Like little butterfly wings at first.......  it's something no mother will ever forget.  You know you're carrying a baby, but that first kick is really when you start connecting to the developing little person you're incubating.  I talked to mine -- sometimes, I even sang to them.  Maybe that's why both boys get pained expressions on their faces when I sing today.  Likely, it's memories of being helpless and forced to hear mommy sing.

Read the whole episode rundown here on

Owen and Cristina went off drinking together, and that's got to be a good thing.  I'm still rooting for them, although I'm not convinced that they're each other's "soul mate."  Maybe, I've still got a Dr. Preston Burke hangup re Cristina.  Yeah, I know those were way early days and way long ago, but loyalty is one of my biggest character flaws/assets.  (Aren't most things both - in different ways?)  Still, I was glad to see Owen and Cristina boogle off together.  They both deserve some happiness.

Loved the bit at the end with Mer/Der in bed, with his hand covering her tummy, waiting for the kick so he could share it!!  Yeah, he wants to share it now, but wait till the wee kidlet gets bigger.  Mr. Duck swore our eldest did it deliberately.  He said Z kept kicking his back so hard it would drive him out of bed.

And the big news?  They're closing the ER to "stage" the hospital for potential buyers.  I hear there's a group of docs about to have a bunch of money to spend.  Can you imagine that group as co-owners?  What fun disputes that would...err.... will be.  Come on guys,  that's too tasty a morsel for Shonda "Sunshine" Rhimes and her gang of bangin' writers to pass up.

Maybe, McDreamy got the idea to buy Tully's from the docs' purchase of the hospital?  Tully's set McDreamy back 9.15 million - what's the going rate for buying a hospital these days?

I'm sure the docs will form an LLC or a Corporation to buy the hospital.  What would the name of that group be?




Yes, Grey's fans.  The series has returned and the premiere episode promises that this season may be a strange one indeed.  Could it be --- The Season Of The Body Snatchers?

We catch back up to our Seattle Grace faves on the 30th day after the plane crash -the day the crash claims its last victim. Mark has been hooked to life support since the crash. His living will or heath care power of attorney directs that he should be disconnected from artificial life support on the 30th day that passes without any cognizable signs of improvement.   On the first day of the new season, everyone is affected by the knowledge that it's the day that Mark Sloane will die.

Everyone feels that Mark's death on this 30th day means that limbo time is over.  By his final declaration, Mark essentially said, if you can't play after 30 days it's time to get out of the game.    Operating under the Sloane Rule, on this day people are trying to make some big moves.

...continue reading "Grey’s Anatomy: Season Of The Body Snatchers?"


A recent piece at Huffpo made my hackles rise.  It was by Anne Browning Walker and entitled "Why Smart Women Read Romance." Granted, I've been at the end of the rope so long that my fingers (my grasp on reality) and everything else is starting to slip.  So, it is admittedly easier to raise my hackles.  But I think if these were still the red-eye gravy days, this piece would tick me off.

The author of the article is, herself, a romance novelist.  She relates that growing up she hid the romances she read because they shamed her.  She believed that smart women didn't read romance novels.  She's written this piece to proclaim that this belief arose from the bad old days of romance.  Ms. Walker states as follows:

Well, I grew up and discovered that someone lied. This stereotype may have resulted from the enduring misconceptions about romance novels thanks to tropes that went out of style nearly 30 years ago. In these "bodice-rippers," heroes captured heroines against their will. The women succumbed to heroes in barely-disguised rape scenes. But just as the role of women in society has changed over the past 30 years, so have romance novels. These types of romances went out of fashion along with leisure suits and acid-washed jeans. Now, I'll admit this trope sometimes creeps back in (ahem, 50 Shades of Grey), but most romances today feature strong, smart, savvy women. And smart romance characters attract smart romance readers.

So, Ms. Walker's type of "smart women"- diploma holding grads of schools like Harvard, Princeton, Oxford & Duke - some with Ph.Ds and law degrees, they will deign to read romance if it's of a certain type.  The heroines in these "smart" romances must have "careers" where they grow and establish their independence from the hero.  In these books, the hero will never be forceful, controlling or dominant.  There could never be a forced sex or "near rape scene" between the hero and the heroine because their acceptable heroines have very strict rules about who they will and won't love.

The problem with Ms. Walker's "smart women" is that they're not smart enough to separate reality from fiction.  Many women - including some who lack pretty pieces of paper that are essentially meaningless - are smart enough AND strong enough to know that we can read whatever we like.  And we don't have to justify it to anyone.  See, the smart-ER women know that it's okay to enjoy a romance written by a writer who takes it over the top.  It may be issues of dominance and control or issues of hidden and forbidden love.  It may be a heroine who loves a man who gets excited by causing women pain. (Fifty Shades of Grey)  It may be a heroine who believes she just killed a man trying to rape her who then gets seized and taken to a ship where the thinks the man forcing her to have sex is "the law." (The Flame and The Flower).

Whatever a smart-ER woman reads is okay, because she knows she doesn't have to justify how anyone in the book behaves to friends, co-workers, strangers on the train or anyone else.  That same woman might read a Stephen King novel and enjoy the blood, gore or psychological terror.  She doesn't have to go around explaining to everyone she meets that she doesn't support maniacal, terrifying mass murderers.  It's a book.  It's fiction.  Smart-ER women will enjoy reading about many things she'd kick a man to the curb for doing.

Smart-ER women know that one of the reasons they read is to experience a slice of life from another era, from another part of the country, from another planet and from many, many other perspectives.  I've said it before and I'll say it again -- WE ARE NOT WHAT WE EAT.  WE ARE NOT WHAT WE WATCH. AND WE ARE NOT WHAT WE READ.

And yes, Ms. Walker pooh-poohs women (like me) who read and enjoyed "Fifty Shades of Grey."  I wonder what she'd make of the fact that I happen to have a law degree?  I just haven't let it hold me back, define me or control me.  I don't let my husband do that and I surely don't let my boss do it.  But I might enjoy reading a book about a heroine who reacts entirely differently.

Smart women may put their romances to a political correctness test and call their Ivy League friends to see if they're allowed to read a certain book or not.  Smart-ER women know that the books they read, just like the lives they lead, don't need anyone's approval but their own.