This morning, I'm thinking about my current WIP, "A Magical Forever." It's Peter's story from the Forever Series. I've posted a bit of my WIP on this site previously. I'm headed towards the end, but I'm not there yet.

So, I've got Peter and Elle whirling around my head, fighting my household chores, family obligations and my day job for time, effort and attention. And my day job is practicing law and writing briefs, Memos, etc. That means, I've got lots and lots of writing drips and drabs boogling around my tiny little brain. You'd think that would be enough, right?

No- that's NOT right. It's wrong - totally - totally - wrong.

I've already got the plots for my next two books in my head and they're fighting to get out. They don't even fit with my current slot of "what I write." I've been doing historicals and my contemporary love and the law series. The two new ones are contemporaries, but they're not love and the law. They're two separate stories that have lived in my head for several years. I've played, would they be historicals or contemporaries for ages.

Yesterday, I had paused from Peter and Elle to play the online slots at the Game Show Network site, and it hit me, right with a barrage of cannon fire from the "Pirate's Fortune" slots. They're not two separate stories.  They're contemporaries and they're connected by a common family history.  "Landlubber" -- sorry, now I've got the Pirate's parrot sqawking in my head too....

Peter's story is great and amazing, but the two new ones are gonna rock in a major way.... if I ever get the time to write them.     If I were writing full time, I'd be dancing around the house right along with my ducks which, for once, would be right in a row.   I have a mental picture of Johanna Lindsey's house, back in the early 90's.  There's Ms. Lindsey - the full time writer- dancing around her house with all her Mallory ducks quacking right along.

I picture full-time writers as being like Giselle from "Enchanted" dancing around the lawyer's apartment, singing as all the animals flew in and helped her straighten up the place with joy in her heart.  Okay, I'm sure it's not exactly like that.  I mean, I doubt there are that many magical squirrels and birds to go around but really, when they have all the finger time in the world - what other magic do full time writers need?

Well, it's not just the finger-time, of course.  The full time writers get the finger time without having their characters' sharing head time with the case involving the latest dead or seriously mangled motorcycle rider who thought taking off from a stop light doing a wheelie, or dodging in and out of traffic was a good idea, or the appeals with dueling businessmen or a system of licensed professionals trying to take advantage of a regular guy just making a living.  So, in addition to finger time - I need the finger time free of all the other actors battling for the VERY, VERY, SMALL - CRAMPED, REALLY - space in my head.

I have all of these amazing stories to tell.  I want to tell Vlad's story from Forever.  And I want to write Chad's tale (he owns 'Toots' from DR: Seducing The Billionaire).   I want to tell Rio's story and the cop's tale from DR: Griffin's Law.  And I want to write the Highlander tale that keeps me up working out the relationships and clan loyalties.

People are always coming up to writers saying that they have this wonderful story idea and just need someone to write it down for them.  They're not gonna find it because anyone who is capable of writing that book already has more story ideas than time.

So, if my fairy Godmother, imaginary ducks, Karma and the magical animals from "Enchanted" are wracking their heads, trying to work out what the perfect Christmas gift for me would be -- and Lord Knows, I'm sure they are, right? Then I'll give 'em a great big ole' hint -- I want more finger time and head space enough to enjoy it!!!

I wonder how the ducks would get along with those magical squirrels?