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Hello everyone, it's Mary Anne's husband, Angry Old Fat Man (AOFM for short).

If you're a regular reader of this site, you probably know that I, AOFM, create all of Mary Anne's book covers for her. She expressed her desire to let you, the reader, have a peek behind the scenes of the creative process I go through to make nebulous clouds of thought into solid color images on thick cover stock paper.

So come along with me while I indulge her.

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Hello again chiljens, it's me the angry old fat dude. Just popping in to tell you Mary Anne has been very busy not working on one book, but two books. Her muse is working overtime, swinging her back and forth between two time periods. Hell, I have trouble keeping up with what year it is in real life, much less numerous crazy fantasy worlds.

Anyways, Mr. Brick has not been seen recently, so we suspect Muse is working like a maniac to avoid him. She is alive and well, though, unlike many others who've had run-ins with His Brickness.

In the meantime, I present Mr. Brick's premiere video, The Bricks-For-Me Challenge, which was his answer to the infamous Blasphemy Challenge. Enjoy, and until later, kiddies, AOFM out.

Hello again kiddies! Now that we've moved to a fully-functional website, the big, old, and ugly AOFM has been busy putting little things up here and there in our little abode on the webbernets.

I can't show you what I've done behind the scenes, because really those things are boringly technogeek and hair-tearingly frustrating. What I can show you, though, is over in the sidebar. You will now find Google News headlines about e-books, publishers, and the literary industry in general.

Try it out and see what you think!

As usual, I am open to suggestions that you, the reader and our customer, may have about improving the website, so by all means e-mail us if that's the case. Or even if you want to just shoot the breeze or ask about Mr. Brick's humble origins or whatevs, we'd be happy to hear from you.

Peace, AOFM.

Howdy chitlins, it's me again, the husband.

I finally got the paperback cover completed for E-Mail Enticement, the text formatted, and the whole thing uploaded to CreateSpace. The e-store page for it is up, but the book itself won't be available until we approve the proof copy currently on its way to the humble Graham abode.

Also, be on the lookout for it to appear on Amazon's site. I will, as usual, update the links on Quacking Alone when Amazon does all of its voodoo to get the book up there.

In the meantime, please enjoy an image of the full paperback cover here (also accessible via the sidebar and the complete list of books page). And buy it on your Kindle or other favorite e-book reader if you don't need a 5" x 8" projectile with which to smack a beloved cranium.

Until next time, chitterlings, be good and if you see me approaching, DUCK!!

Greetings and salutations, kiddies. One of the many reasons I haven't got Mary Anne's E-mail Enticement into paperback form yet (besides being an enormous slacker) is a little project she assigned me.

It seems the newest thing in publishing is the book trailer - essentially a short video to whet your appetite for a book. It's much like a movie trailer, except more of a pain in the gluteus maximus because you don't have any video footage to begin with and you do them for authors who just looooove words, words, and more words.

At any rate, with much fury, frustration, and cursing with Windows Movie Maker, I have finally completed Quacking Alone's very first book trailer.

Behold, A Faerie Fated Forever, the book trailer:

Mary Anne's husband here.

I've made a few tweaks to the website so that your visits here will be more enjoyable.

  • Disabled the Snapshot feature.

You know that little cartoon speech bubble thing that would pop up when you hovered your mouse pointer on a link and show you a preview of the page being linked? I personally found it entirely too sensitive and annoying. It also took up precious bandwidth and memory. So whoosh! out the door it goes. I can put it back if enough people want it back, but I don't see that happening.

  • Added paperback book cover images and created special "large cover image" pages.

Mary Anne wanted me to show off my paperback book covers as well as the full-sized e-book covers already on the site. Doing this necessitated changing the way cover images were displayed, because I was just linking the raw large-sized e-book cover before. I decided to create a page for each book's covers, which can be accessed from the side bar under Sections or from the individual thumbnail images on the Complete List of Books page.

Who knows, you might even want to buy a paperback after seeing one of my covers or want me to design a book cover for you. E-mail Mary Anne if you would like to arrange for me to design a book cover for you. I'm sure we can negotiate a great deal in exchange for a testimonial or inclusion in a future portfolio.

  • Assigned categories to blog posts.

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here. I had to wait awhile to see what kind of things Mary Anne would blog about so I could create categories and assign them. Now, if you want to see just stuff about the trashy TV shows she watches or about Michael Jackson or Donny Osmond, you don't have to wade through stuff about her personal life. You can just go to the sidebar, scroll down to Filter by Category, select Other Entertainment in the drop down list and VICHYSSOISE! you have all of her posts about the abominable Durrrrrrrr & Murrrrrrrrrr from Grey's Anatomy (or as I have titled it, Young Doctors Who Like To Screw So Much That Their Patients Croak and They Have Nervous Breakdowns), or whatevs. So try that out and see how you like it.

Let me wrap this up with two last things.

I wanted to make sure you knew that Sixth Sense is now out in paperback on Amazon, so click on the link and check that out.

Finally, I'm working on getting E-mail Enticement ready for paperback, which includes redoing the cover, formatting the book using our old & busted copy of MS Word, et cetera, et cetera. So you should be able to get a molecular copy of it fairly soon to launch at a loved one's head and put a romance-novel-shaped dent in a much adored skull.

Until next time... AOFM signing off.

Mary Anne's husband here again with a brief announcement: A Golden Forever, the second book in Mary Anne's Forever series, is now available in paperback from CreateSpace. It will eventually arrive on; when it does, I will provide a link to it on the book list page.

In the meantime, enjoy my wife's blog entry about Michael Jackson the romance novelist below. AOFM, a.k.a. Hubby, out.


The husband here, reporting for duty.

I have been doing other things besides reading my wife's book, Brotherly Love, believe it or not. Avoiding stabbing myself in the neck or running out in front of a Greyhound bus while screaming in terror, for instance.

Not a big fan of the romance genre. Sorry.

Anyways, one actual useful thing I've been doing is getting A Faerie Fated Forever ready for paperback. To be blunt, I never liked the original job I did on the cover design. It seemed a bit amateurish to me, which is strange because it was not the first one I ever did (that one was E-Mail Enticement). So I took the opportunity to change the front cover and make it a little more professional looking.

You should now see the new cover on our website, both in the sidebar and, of course, in the Complete List of E-Books page. I will look into how difficult it is to change the cover on the e-book sites. If it's worth the trouble, you'll be seeing the new cover on those as well.

And where else will you be seeing the new Faerie cover, you may ask? Why, on the paperback of course! The CreateSpace page is up for it already, but it won't be active until we get the proof copy and make sure everything is acceptable for you, the reader. The Amazon page selling the paperback will be up and running shortly after that.

Announcement time from Mary Anne's husband here!

Thanks to the wonderful new technology of print-on-demand (or as they call it in publishing circles, POD), we now present to you Mary Anne's first book, Brotherly Love, in paperback form!

You may purchase Brotherly in all of its solid, material, flingable glory from two online POD publishers, Lulu and CreateSpace.

We will publish the remaining titles as paperbacks on CreateSpace and link them via our Complete List of E-Books section here on the Quacking Alone weblog. We published Brotherly as a paperback on Lulu before we realized the advantages of using CreateSpace instead - the main advantage being a lower price to you, the customer. It doesn't hurt that CreateSpace is an company either, and that they distribute books via Target Stores in some cases.

As always, we will still make Mary Anne's titles available as e-books through Kindle, Mobipocket, Smashwords, and Lulu. These are the quickest and most cost-effective means of getting content out to you, so we wouldn't dream of cutting off these channels to you technologically savvy romance lovers out there, what with your iPhones and Kindles and all.

I simply recommend that you don't hurl such expensive pieces of machinery towards somebody's noggin - buy a nice paperback for that sort of thing, mmkay? You'll thank me later.

UPDATE 04/30/2009: Remember what I said about Well guess what? Here it is, the paperback on Amazon.

It's almost like being a new Daddy again. With more sleep and less baby spewage.