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Sultan’s Toy Bundle Is Up! And Other Junk…

Hey guys, it's me, the hubby.

As promised before, the Sultan's Toy Bundle is now up and available for the Kindle. We're having some technical difficulties getting it onto Barnes and Noble for the Nook, but we're working on it.

That's not the only place where gremlins have chosen to attack.

Too late...
Too late... I hate you little bastards...

The website has been going blinky at times, saying "Error in connecting to database" or some such thing. It looks to me as if the current WordPress version has problems with spam busting it open, but who knows. All I know is I'm the poor schmuck who's got to deal with it. Called tech support the first couple of times it happened and got them to fix it. I then think I figured out how to fix it myself.

As I was typing up this post, it tried to go sideways AGAIN. Ugh... what a pain in the ass.

I swear, if this keeps up, I'm moving this stuff over to GoDaddy... for obvious reasons:

Highly technical reasons.
Highly technical reasons.