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Grey’s Anatomy: Shonda Should Have Finished The Circle

A quick thought after tonight's episode of Grey's - the beginning of the end for Cristina.  Yes, it looks like she'll head off to Zurich to become the Superwoman of Cardiac, but it feels wrong and empty.

The Burke Shonda showed tonight was not Burke until his last scene with Cristina. "The way I loved you was consuming,"  - that was the Burke we all knew.  And he admitted that if Cristina worked with him they would end up back together.

Yes, there is a reason for that.  It's because Burke is Cristina's soul mate the same way Derek is Meredith's.  And I'm enough of a romance author to feel that Shonda got it wrong tonight.  I'm glad Cristina will head off to conquer the next generation of medicine. And I'm glad she'll be at the forefront of that. But being a pioneer at anything is a lonely business and Cristina deserves better.

Even if Owen leaves the hospital and moves with her - it's not enough.  It would be the same as Grey's fans imagining a Dr. Burke who settled instead of one who moved Heaven and Earth to have it all.  Cristina's happy ending should include a consuming career and a consuming love.  We want to imagine that Cristina is out there, forging a future with her soul mate the same way Meredith is forging a future with hers.

No matter what happens now, it will feel like settling.  I think Shonda got this one wrong and I think she was influenced by the bad things the actor playing Burke did that got him tossed from the show.  This feels more like Shonda punishing the character for the misdeeds of the actor -- and shortchanging Cristina in the process.

The Cristina/Burke arc is one circle that Shonda should have finished.