Cause You Gotta Know How it Ends – Ring & Ali – COUPLED

Faithful Quacking fans - Yeah verily, I have neglected thee.  I admit it - but, as you know if you've been paying attention - I have an excellent excuse.

I've been caught up in writing my erotic romances as Olivia Outlaw.  My first series, The Sultan's Toy, features the story of Ring and Ali. It's a m/m romance and writing it has been such fun!!  Readers who've enjoyed the books - and there are a lot of you out there - should know:  I JUST HIT PRINT ON BOOK FOUR- Coupled, the conclusion.

Coupled follows Ring back home to London, where he flees after witnessing Ali cavorting in his harem.  And where Ring goes, can Ali be far behind?  Not hardly, as anyone who has been reading the series knows.  But Ali has a lot of "splaining" to do and Ring is too hurt to listen.  Can Ali win a Second Chance at the love he can not live without?

The Sultan's Toy - Coupled will be available any time now from Amazon, and I'll get it up at Nook as soon as the site is back up.  (Speculation is that it has been down while Nook fixes the Heartbleed Bug security flaws.  Repairs to Heartbleed has caused a lot of Heartache for writers as the posting of sales is slow, slow, slow and way, way behind.)

Soon and very soon, Mr. Duck will work his quacking magic and a new bundle will be born.  We'll surely hollah at ya'll when the bundle is about to appear.  But don't wait for that - go ahead and pick up "Coupled" today.

And me?  I'm boogling on to my first "Isle of Bliss" Romance.  It'll be another m/m erotic as Olivia Outlaw.  What's the Isle of Bliss, you ask?  Naughty question - you must be punished.  Where's my whip?  Go read Coupled and you'll find out.

As the weather heats up, it's time for romance to do the same. Pick up a Quacking Alone Romance by Mary Anne Graham or Olivia Outlaw today!!

4 thoughts on “Cause You Gotta Know How it Ends – Ring & Ali – COUPLED

  1. Amanda

    I am a big fan of this series. I started reading the first one and couldn't put it down. I'm halfway through the third one when I read that there will be a fourth. Is this the last in the series, or will there be more?

  2. Mary Anne


    I'm so glad you're enjoying Ring & Ali's story! They will continue to appear in subsequent books, which are based on a setting introduced at the end of Book 4. I'm in the midst of writing the first of those books now. The most direct sequels, featuring characters from Sultan's, will come when I write Ian and Peter's stories, which I am considering. If I do that, the tales would again be based on the setting introduced in Book 4 and, yes, Ring & Ali would be there.

    Would you enjoy reading Ian and Peter's stories?

    And, BTW, if you're enjoying Sultan's, I'd really appreciate a review on the seller's site where you purchased!

  3. Amanda

    I really like your idea of the setting that you introduced at the end of "Coupled". I'm eager to read more about that setting and the couples that live there.
    I would love to read about Ian and Peter and how they came to be together. How they overcame things that happened in Turkey as a captive. It would be a great book!
    As I read "Coupled" I felt really bad for James. I know that he went about it the wrong way trying to get Ring arrested. But I feel like he could be redeemed. Does he travel to Bliss?
    Thank you for the reminder about reviews. I read so many books I tend to forget to show my love with reviews.

  4. Mary Anne

    You know, I hadn't even considered that, but James would be a natural for Bliss. If you're not a writer - maybe you should think about it!

    Thanks for your great reviews as well - I really appreciate that. Authors can only write stories - it's up to readers to make them live or die.

    I'm enjoying my current "Bliss" book which introduces a new story. I had it in my head before I finished Sultan's and then I realized -- why not write it as a Bliss story.

    I hope to work in time to build up the flavor of Bliss. Creating a place where people exist by loving rather than judging is an amazing experience. I'd love to move to Bliss but I don't think Ring & Ali would let me in - their entrance interviews are pretty tough!

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