So, “Thriller” starts with Arizona moving on……… with Leah.

“But I love your kids-”  Cristina.  No, you can’t have it both ways.

And Bailey’s hubby shows up.  I think she’s gonna get her groove thing back – whether she likes it or not.  And she won’t b/c Webber’s gonna let a resident operate.

Zombies in the ER!! They attack!!  Of course. (So did Derek – first season…)

Der and Ben bond over butterfly surgery but Bailey’s not feeling so festive.  The Chief throws her off his case because she doesn’t want to teach…………doesn’t want to teach?  Bailey?  The Nazi?  How did everything get turned backwards?

It’s not Seattle Grace anymore, is it?

Meredith and Cristina aren’t even each other’s person anymore.

And now the Chief wants Meredith back on his case.  And he apologizes.  And asks her to teach the interns.  Mer can’t be the Nazi.  She’s the Mama.

And the little girl Karev’s been treating who could get scared to death — of course she’s the one who finds the patient only Shane can see.  “I see dead people………”

But Shane finds her and Karev finds the girl.

It’s an UnHalloween.  It’s all been a very, very UnHalloween.

It’s the year without a Halloween……….

Ben tells Bailey he quit and Bailey asks……..  You don’t love it……….He says he loves her…………and she says she’s disappointed in him.  That’s not the Nazi, not at all.

And Cristina brings cupcakes but Mer doesn’t even know she came.  So Cristina goes out and becomes a Witch.

Jo breaks out of her cocoon and becomes a butterfly for Alex.

It’s a very, very unHalloween………

Cristina is getting smaller and smaller and smaller and soon she’ll disappear………

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