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Liveblogging Grey’s Anatomy: “Map Of You”

The description of this epi worries me a bit.  It says Derek and Callie collaborate on a brain-mapping project.  Last week's epi ended with a showdown between Mer and Der.  So, Der may be in a bad place - feeling like he's being blamed for something he didn't do - those choices were Meredith's.  And Callie?  She's all over the map right now - a real emotional roller coaster.   They're already close enough for confidences based on the time Callie lived with Mer/Der.  I don't want them getting any closer -- that's what I'm saying.

There's Der lecturing interns about a new brain-mapping computer program - using the thoughts of a paraplegic about movement to demo.  Of course, they see something irregular on the paraplegic's brain during the study.  Callie should be there but she's MIA & Der agrees to look for her.  Still don't feel good about this, especially after the first shot at casa Mer/Der where Mer touches Der's shoulder and he shrugs her off.  He hasn't gotten over Mer's accusation that he stole her career.

And Mer hasn't gotten over the truth Cristina laid on her.  She's looking for a research project.

And Der brought a mug from home to work that he gives to Shane to put away.  Shane doesn't and when she goes into the Chief's room she sees it, shrugs it off and say, "I have a mug like that at home."  I have a bad, bad feeling about that mug too especially after one of the interns drops it and it shatters...

Der finds Callie later.  She says she wants off the project.  Yes, let it go!

Mer is shoving away the idea of finishing a research project of her Mother's.  She's still not ready to go there.

And Der's talking about fixing the paraplegic's brain with glue.  He wants to finish the project and refuses to let Der take out the sensors for the brain project unless he removes the tumor.  Der says that's too dangerous.  And Shane proposes glue to Cristina for a heart repair.

Dear Duck - Der goes after Callie again and she's gushing about how Der and Mer have it figured out - how they can make the pieces fit.  And Der looks guilty but says nothing.

Heart guy agrees to Cristina's suggestion about using glue - a brand new procedure - but he hopes he dies.  He and wifey sold everything and maxed out all the credit cards to enjoy life.  They planned to pay them off with life insurance.

And all of a sudden, Mer wants her mother's journal back.

But the intern glued the mug together.

Mer lays it on Cristina, says Cristina pushed her aside last week because Mer had a baby.  And Cristina doesn't have time for anything she can't relate to, that's different.

Der tells Mer he wants to spend more time on research, less on surgery so that she can concentrate on her work.  He'll be spending that time doing research with Callie and that still worries me - even while he's being all McDreamy.

And he puts the glued mug back in the cabinet.  The pieces are glued back together, but it's still broken.

And the mug still worries me............