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Liveblogging Grey’s Anatomy: “Puttin’ On The Ritz”

Grey's is turning 200?  And Patrick Dempsey is still McDreamy?  Nah, Grey's is turning 10 tonight with episode 200 - but , P Demp is still mighty fine.

It does make me think though -- other than for a wedding (which is different) - the last time the cast got all fancied up was for the prom Chief Webber had at the hospital for his dying niece, who missed her prom.   That was THE episode - Denny died and Der's dreamy looks sent Mer running away from the vet.  Der chased her down a hallway and into an exam room, ending his marriage and Mer's romance with the vet.

April says "He accepts me for what I am, but that's enough, that's everything."  Arizona asks:  "Are you talking about Matthew or Jesus?"  And April gets that wild-eyed, what am I doing look.

And Webber punches Bailey while she is trying to help.  He's in a hospital.  There are drugs everywhere.  He's a doctor.  If he really wants to die - he can make that happen.  So he doesn't want to die -- he just wants to punish everyone who still loves him.

This ball, though, is much different.  Jackson was thinking rich and conservative and he got Vegas, complete with c clowns, gymnasts, magicians, waiters on unicycles and one very charming juggler - Dr. McDreamy.  It seems that Mer and Der both want to win the prize for raising the most money for the hospital at the gala -- and, like Callie says, both of 'em are bored silly at home.  (How they could be bored with a newborn and a toddler to care for is beyond me.  Maybe they need to write some romance novels.  Then they'd be tickled tangerine to have all that time at home to write -- I know I'd be. )

Fancy party - and McDreamy, he was charming a group of well-heeled ladies moments ago, is jealous of Mer flirting.  I guess he remembers that Mer can be a little easier to catch on formal evenings.

And while the attendings are away, the interns are owning the ER.  "Locked and loaded" indeed.

Der fetched the baby from the hospital day care and brought little Bailey to the party.  Is there a better hook for charming money from folks than a McDreamy man with a newborn?

Dear Duck.  Callie is raising money by telling peeps that her wife is dead; April overheard; and now April is sharing champagne with Arizona in the supply room.  Is there any chance April won't spill the beans?

Uhh ohh, the baby spit up on Mer and now she's wearing a hoodie over her fancy gown.  (Was that McDreamy's plan?)

Dear Duck, the sequel - a gymnast just fell in the middle of Jackson's big speech.  It looks like a broken bone and Callie's on the spot. All the doctors head out - and Derek misses Meredith.  He tracks her down in the OR where she tells him he's better at charming donors - and then she offers him a surgical instrument and a spot at the table.

And the old junkie Cristina has to do heart surgery on?  Alex thinks he might be his father.  Karev hasn't seen his Dad in 20 years.  Jo walks in to find Karev trying to draw his own blood for a test.  What a way to find your father!

And Jackson brings the formerly fleeing rich folks to the OR gallery to take them behind the scenes of the circus.  And they ask - "How much do you need?"  That's the sweetest question since the jury in "The Verdict" returns with the question - "Is our award limited to the amount the Plaintiff asked for?"

And there are Mer and Der in the exam room........talking about the prom I started off this post by discussing -- and then they do more than talk.  Still wicked in the best ways.......

Bailey moves her lonely, racist patient in with the Chief!  That'll be interesting.

And Jackson walks in on Shane kissing his woman - the one he didn't ask to the party. But she goes after Jackson.  Look how far they've come on Grey's boys and girls!  Der and Mer had to hide because he was an attending and she was an intern.  Now the Chief of the Board can kiss an intern right in the open, in the remains of his big party.

And Bailey's gambit makes the Chief try -- Cristina finally pushes Owen away hard enough to make him try - and Mer/Der give getting back to work a try (why?  I guess medicine is their writing)

The show ends with a quote from "on with the show."  Because it must go on - and we must try - even though trying is the hardest thing of all.....