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Liveblogging Grey’s Anatomy: “Everybody’s Crying Mercy”

Boy does the title of this epi hit home with me.  Too many deadlines and tasks at work.  Too much work for too long without an end - or a carefree vaca in sight.  Too many bills and too little money.  And now - the Gremlin's have struck.  Last night, Mr. Duck had to play HVAC repairman b/c our AC died.  Thankfully, he fixed it.  (Mr. Duck's my hero!)

Tonight a pothole - big enough to swallow a bunch of big ole pots - opened in our concrete driveway.  Both my trusty PT and Mr. Duck's minivan - ancient vehicles that have long deserved the retirement they won't get - have developed issues. Hey, maybe the pothole is the work of our vehicles - a suicide pact of sorts......  Or maybe, the Graham vehicles think that if the hole gets big enough they can hide and enjoy a nice long vaca themselves.

Yep, I'm crying Mercy.  So, I'm right there with Grey's greatest on this one!

Cristina and Karev bonding.  That feels way strange.  Remember all the ways she insulted him during their internship?

Webber doesn't want a feeding tube.  Bailey's still fighting his battles.

Owen tells Arizona and Cristina that he needs them to be board members and doctors.  They're not buying it.  I understand.  People can only stretch so far.

A woman impaled through the chest with a half a baseball bat makes Jo promise to tell her husband something if she dies -- that she cheated on him with his brother.  Why?  That must be the thing stretching her to her breaking point.

April's waiting on the results of the board exams she had to repeat.  And yeah, that's tugging her towards her breaking point.   And Calzona?  They're tugging each other towards the cliff.

And Jackson is going to do free miracle surgery to repair a teacher's face - but Owen says no pro bono surgery until the ER is fully repaired.  What does Jackson do?  He throws a "I own this hospital tantrum" and gets his way - the teacher will get her surgery.  So Jackson did a bad thing for a good reason.   Does that make it okay?

And Mer/Der are fighting over naps.  Der took an hour and a half nap in the parking lot of the grocery store when he went for milk.  Mer gets jealous and snaps to Cristina - her phone a friend - that she is entitled to a nap too.  Mer passes out, dead asleep, in mid conversation, curled up on the bathroom floor. Yep, I remember those newborn days well.  It feels like you'll never again get to sleep for a full night.  You think you're destined to be a living zombie. Why did you do this?  Why?  And then the baby coos or moves his little hand and you know exactly why you did it.

But Owen has the teacher transferred so Jackson doesn't get to play superdoctor.  Owen's stressed about the hospital needing money -- I can relate.  Maybe the hospital's under Gremlin attack too.

Webber won't take a feeding tube & Bailey won't force him.  When he asks for soup she Orders the intern to bring some and he does.  But the intern pokes his head around the corner and sees Webber choke with pain when he tries to swallow a single spoon of soup.

Impaled baseball bat woman is bleeding out during surgery.  They call Callie who tells them not to cut the clavical but Callie arrives just as April puts down the saw.  A stretch too far? The patient or Callie?

Jackson's still having an ego tantrum and it's not so cute anymore.  He's doing liposuction because Hunt needed him making money.  Poor little rich boy.

Mer's so worried about Webber that when Der passes out, she takes the baby and heads to the hospital.  Yeah, Webber did good picking her as his "person."

Baseball bat woman dies.  Will Jo tell the husband her secret?  April says no but Callie says Jo made a promise and the husband deserves the truth.

Mer and Bailey fight over the feeding tube.  They go off to see another doctor and the intern goes in and tells Webber that Mer hauled her baby out to come and force him to accept a feeding tube.  Intern asks Webber if he's going to make Mer do that or will Webber man up and accept it.  The intern is planning to put in the tube.

April passes her board.  Jackson's with her.  But she wants to give him a hug and he holds out his hand for a shake instead.  But they both have secret smiles on their faces as they walk away from each other.

And baseball bat woman - Jo goes to tell her hubby about her death.  He's devastated. Jo starts to tell him the truth and Callie stops her.  She says only that his wife said she loved him.

And the intern does put the tube in and Richard accepts it.

Owen pages all the docs to the ER - with the big hole in it - and tells them they're going to have a big fundraising party.  200th episode anyone?

Karev takes Cristina's advice and plays caveman with Jo who hasn't been wanting sex.  Yep,  she wants it.

And Cristina and Owen have an intense confrontation in the elevator.  Where else?  If those elevators could talk...

And Callie goes to see Arizona.  Callie says Arizona cheated because she was unhappy.   But Callie leaves.  She's stretched too far.

Webber tells Mer that he picked her because she wasn't his family.  He thought he could trust her to be logical, not to bring him back to life when he was all but dead.  He tells Mer he was wrong to pick her.  He says he chose the wrong person.

Mer was already stretched too far.......  but Webber just stretched her further.

Life stretches us all, I guess.  How much can we take?  The "too much" may be the smallest thing, in the oddest place.  What will we do when we reach it?  Go mad?  Break permanently?

Maybe we'll retreat into a romance novel where a happy ending is guaranteed - like one of the Quackingalone romances by yours truly --- come on, help me battle the Gremlins.  Pick up a QA romance today!