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Liveblogging Grey’s Anatomy – “Seal Our Fate; I Want You With Me”

It's a new season of Grey's -- but it's Cristina's LAST one.  There's got to be some smashing Cristina Time before Sandra Oh leaves the hospital for the last time.  Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) promises that this will be Oh's "best acting season." Now I'm wondering how many tissues Shonda Sunshine will make me go through to START Cristina's last season.

Opening with the storm - seems a lot like my life lately.  Webber has the voice over talking about the intern's white coat ceremony and about life flashing before your eyes right before you die.  Webber is saying that it's fitting that the white coat  should be on him at the end.

Okay, Yang's first words - about Mer - "She had a baby. She doesn't know things."  And Callie's first line; an answer to Yang's question "Who is Dr. Boswell."  Callie says "She's the woman Arizona slept with last night."

Ambulances in the bay right after Owen says the ER can't open today --- a mudslide. And Webber is still missing, since last night, lying on the flooded floor with sparks flying.  Oh, Richard -- no.  Just no.

Yang tells Mer that she and Owen ended it - for real this time.

The interns are brushing off the command to find Webber.  That tells you they don't know his as well as the others.  Webber is not family to them.  Wait, one of them goes looking - Webber's eyes are open but the intern steps right into the charged water and falls over.  It's sad that I can't ID this one by name right away.  We all know what that means, right?  Yep, that Grey's Anatomy is the originals and the originals are Grey's -- but we're losing Cristina this year.

Funny, Webber and the intern are both lying on the floor near the generator but I keep imagining Cristina lying there....

And Callie and Arizona treating the patient together --  but not well.  His pelvic injury might be less painful than the road Calzona must travel now.

They've got Webber and the intern.  Both on stretchers.  CPR on the girl - I found out her name is Heather.  She's never stuck with me.  But she's found by Shane, the bright young Doc who wants to be Shepherd's #1 assistant for neuro.  Finding Webber and Heather may be Shane's best shot at that.

Mer makes Karev hold her newborn as therapy.  He tells her about Webber & Heather.  Yang is trying to place a balloon pump but Webber keeps coding.  Yang makes Baily talk while she tries to insert a balloon pump in the ER without rupturing his aorta.  B/C she is Yang, she does.  Then she even hugs Bailey.  It's Yang, but it's not Yang.  It's a confused Yang. Or is it a new Yang?  The old one would have told Bailey to forget it - if you're not a hugger you're not a hugger.  Wonder if Shonda Sunshine will end up sending Cristina back to Johns Hopkins to grow into a warm fuzzy person.  I hope not --  or maybe I don't.  Not sure.......

Bailey wants to do more for Webber and orders Cristina, saying Cristina is a fellow.  Yang tells her no.  "I own this hospital," Yang says.  Now that's the Yang we know and love.  But Bailey doesn't give up.  She pages Owen who asks what Webber's health care directive says.  They go down to the basement to look.  He's designated Meredith as his next of kin, giving her the power to make his medical decisions.

People, Meredith just had a baby - and abdominal surgery.  How much stress can she stand?

Mer can't get over Webber not telling her that sh'e his next of kin.  She keeps saying that as Bailey fights to debride Webber's wounds.  Mer is thinking of her Mom.  She says that means she is delusional and hormonal and can't make a rational decision so she relies on the labs. If the #s are above 6, they will do the surgery;  below 6 and they won't.

Now Callie's in Mer's room.  It's the spot for emotional discovery in this epi.  Callie recounts a memory, pre-George, of Webber finding her dancing in her underwear.  She is striken and tells Mer she doesn't dance in her underwear anymore.  (Will that bode ill for any shot Calzona have to put it back together?)

Nos come back - the score is 9 - it's surgery for Richard.  Yeah!  Get well Dr. Webber.  Losing Cristina this season is tough enough.

The interns hear that Heather is not doing well.  Jo is freaking out and drags Karev into a supply room.  Then Arizona comes in and is babbling about how she's a big slut.  Karev can relate.

Uhh Ohh - one of the patients, one of the paramedics, has flesh eating bacteria.

The 1st part ends with another pithy Webber voice over saying this is the only life you have.  Decide how you want to live it and then do it.  If only...... sometimes reality gets in the way.  Otherwise, I'd be typing on this keyboard full time.

The second epi opens with Karev wondering if Webber is Mer's father.  They're teasing... but with Sunshine, who knows.

Heather dies - Jackson's Mom, Kathryn, arrives, runs to the OR and demands that Bailey close up Webber.  She says Cristina was right, which she ususally is, of course.

April's fiancee figures out that Jackson was April's first.  He apologizes for not giving her the opportunity to say no by turning the proposal into a spectacle.

And Arizona comes home to a quiet house -- no Callie.  No baby.

Lord, Kathryn Avery throws a fit and reams out Bailey royally.  She demands Richard's chart.......  does everyone see a showdown between Kathryn and Meredith on the horizon.

Mer sends Callie and Sophie to stay at her house where Der comes home and finds them.  Hope that doesn't go very, very wrong, given Callie's recent dancing in underwear revelation.

Oh, yum, Cristina and Owen do it again b/c the last time wasn't so great -- as an excuse, it works as well as anything.

And Callie's getting drunk while Derek is acting all McDreamy and nice.  Arizona storms to the hospital demanding Callie be paged 911.   And Otina has goodbye sex again while the interns can't come up with anything to say about Heather.  Ohh, Cristina cries & says that ending things with Owen is not that easy for her. And as to the interns?  I guess they didn't much remember that Heather was around either.  That makes me feel better.

Mer gets a wheelchair and goes to Webber's room to ask Bailey what she thinks should be done.  Bailey says she's certain Webber's still in there but if all the dead tissue isn't removed he'll die.  Mer calls and books an OR -- and also books that big, nasty ole confrontation with Kathryn Avery that we knew was coming.

How funny - Der on the porch cuddling Zola and Sophia while Callie and Arizona scream at each other inside.

Then Heather's Mom arrives - after the interns are drunk and while one is doing cheers to prove that she went through college on a cheerleading scholarship.  Now they have to tell Heather's mom that she's dead.

April drags the paramedic into the Chapel to accept his proposal, privately.

Callie tells Arizona she's staying away for a while but they will share custody of Sophie.

Oh, duck - riddled with guilt about Heather, Shane goes out to help with the mudslide.  The other 3 go too.  Pretty brave.  Maybe I'll have to learn their names..... or maybe not.

And Arizona shows up at Derek's wanting to see Sophia.  Callie snipes at her.  Why do people always put kids in those battles?

Last scene -- Richard wakes up while Mer is proclaiming to Kathryn and Bailey that she's Richard's family.  And his voice over is - he was right about that.  Hmm,  about that paternity thing.........

Thank you Shonda Rhimes, a/k/a Sunshine for having Richard live.  A happy ending for the first epi!

Everything should have happy endings  - all my books do! Give 'em a try, especially Griffin's Law - my tribute to Grey's Anatomy.