Make it – Don’t Take It!!!

This is a brief update because there's been (yet another) plagiarism scandal.   In this one, a would-be writer of  fan fiction was (allegedly) ripping off work by Lorelei James (One Tree Hill) and Renea Taylor (Beyond Right or Wrong).  Rilzy has donned her detective hat, done the "Sherlock Holmes" thing, and dug up the dirt.  Rilzy has the dirt on display HERE on her blog.   I won't repeat the details.  To get the low down on this one, check out the linked blog.

I heard about this one from the Romance Divas forum.  It's the best way to stay informed on all things romance.  If you write romance, you really, really should join.  I think there's a screening process but hey - they let me in!  I was interested to read from her blog that Rilzy is a law student who wants to be a writer.  Be careful, Rilzy - sometimes law students who write grow up to be crazy duck ladies who are practicing attorneys.

Anyway, Rilzy waxed eloquent about her feelings regarding this apparent plagiarist - so I'm gonna quote her:

In addition to being really angered I was really happy with the support that all the writers showed for Lorelei James. We all understand how precious our work is and how personal. We all understand that what this silly, little girl (who read for a Literature and Writing Degree ironically) did was deeply invasive and just plain out wrong.

I take comfort in the fact that no matter how long it takes me to hone my craft, I would never resort to stealing someone’s work. I write because I have stories in me that need to come out. I don’t write for recognition or fame which is clearly what Alison Gilmore was after. This is what distinguishes writers from frauds. This is what distinguishes Lorelei James and Renea Taylor from Alison Gilmore.

-- Rilzy - again - HERE.

I share my thoughts with the Divas and decided to post them here as well.  By all the ducks in the pond - like the brilliant folks who devote themselves to writing computer viruses, plagiarists mystify me. Even aside from the amorality of stealing other people's thoughts and work, the motivation behind the theft escapes me.

If you're hard-working enough and creative enough to go to all the trouble this writer apparently did and to mount a whole campaign of sorts behind it --  wouldn't you think that this author would prefer to apply that creative effort to her own work?  The same thing puzzles me with the computer folk who spend tons of time and go to a mad amount of effort to write a virus and to hide it in something people use or will open.

What's the point?  The writer could be working on her next book and the programmer could be coding the system that will kick Microsoft, Google and Apple to the curb.  Then they would be rewarded or acknowledged for their own efforts.

I don't get it.  I just don't get it.