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“The Perfect Storm” – Liveblogging Grey’s Season Finale

I'm blogging with a 1-hour delay tonight. I have to watch the American Idol finale. It's been a great season. The best 2 wound up in the finale. I hope that Candice Glover - the Carolina Girl from right down the road - wins it all. Either way though, Candice or Kree will be great. (Course, it turns out that tonight, the Carolina Girl is the "best in the world." You go, Candice - Congrats!!!)

Now the voice over - McDreamy and Cristina running down the hall - scary.

Bailey almost got back to surgery - but couldn't do it. Now, that's not our Nazi.

And Arizona did the nasty -- with the wrong woman. I hope she feels MORE guilty than she looks. Shuffle out and hide.......

And y'all, I'm from the Grand Strand of South Carolina. Hurricanes are scary but -- not as terrifying as they're acting. Now, Mer giving birth - that's terrifying. I've done that too. Of course, I didn't do it in the dark. The dark wouldn't have scared me as much as a lack of air conditioning. Dark, I can stand. Being hot? Now that, I hate.

Those were some scary risks of a natural delivery of Mer's babe. Is being born face first that deadly? Who knew? Both of mine were induced. The first because my water broke and the second because Sam was ready and I was a type 1 diabetic. Like Mer's doc, when I asked to wait for the weekend when we'd have a sitter for the oldest, my Doc said that diabetic mothers have a very high incidence of babies dying in the womb late in the term. The doc said - in 3 days your healthy baby could be dead. So I said what Mer said -- well, let's do it.

An overturned bus and a fire. How brave must it be to run towards danger. A big shout out to the first responders.

The baby is delivered but he's not crying. Don't hurt the McNugget - Shonda Sunshine. Oh, there he is. McDreamy and the McNugget. But the baby's breathing is shallow. Mer tells Der to go with him and Der directs the interns to stay with Mer. Dear Duck, the OB is called away for another emergency. An intern is going to close. That can't be good.

And Cristina is trying to operate in the dark, knowing Mer's in surgery a room or two away.

There are no batteries and the McNugget may need a ventilator. And the Nazi is lost and useless.

Mer's bleeding - not from her uterus. Blood is coming from her IV and now she tells them about the FALL ON THE STAIRS. Mer's been bleeding internally and has to yell at the terrified intern.

Jo teaches the Moms how to ventilate the babies and McDreamy is crooning to his wee one, not knowing Mer is fighting for her life and talking an intern through emergency surgery. She tells the intern that if she can't breathe for 9 minutes not to revive her. Mer makes him promise - she is trying to tell him the babies' name when she passes out......... Not Mer. It's Mer/Der, people........

One of them is smart enough to go get Bailey for Meredith. She picks up a coatstand and beats the med machine until they fall out. That's our Nazi -- but now she's bleeding. She goes - hopefully to Mer.

Uh oh. Jackson sees a kid in the burning bus. It's about to explode. He won't leave her. Jackson's a good guy. Mostly. Except when he's not. And he's April's soul mate once they figure that out.

Shonda Sunshine's finales are always like a roller-coaster at the edge of a cliff, climbing up at 100 miles an hour when it breaks, sending the passengers plummeting off the cliff towards the sea below - in a monsoon - at night.

Cristina comes back and finds Meredith and outside the bus explodes. Did Jackson and the kid get out?
Cristina runs for Derek and it's that scene where we started - the two of them running down the hall.

Outside, April's screaming for Jackson, afraid he died. But there he is with the kid.

And April's ignoring her fiance and she is in tears.

Webber goes after the repairman he sent downstairs. And there's water and electricity sparking.

McDreamy says the McNugget is good. And Cristina lists all the traumas Mer survived.

Bailey -- tells them Mer had a massive splenic bleed. She makes Cristina and Der think Mer died because Bailey looks like death. But Mer's okay.

It's Webber. They're going to kill Webber. The electricity and the water. LIghts on upstairs. Lights off for Webber? God, I hope not.

Callie sees Arizona's ring pinned to the dastardly doc's scrub top. And she knows.

Karev tells Jo he's going to say the words - and then he does. And they finally kiss. It's time for good things for Karev.

April goes back to Jackson and he's hurt. She tells him she loves him and not the paramedic. He tells her - you're getting married. She says, unless you can give me a reason not to.

Cristina tells Owen she's made for the OR - she feels pure joy in the OR. And she tells Owen that when he looks at Ethan he looks like Der when he looks at Zola. And she asks - do you really believe I will be enough. Owen shakes his head - and Cristina leaves. He shouts after her but she leaves.

And that scene with Callie and Arizona. Arizona she still blames Callie for cutting off her leg and that's why she cheated. AND MER/DER NAME THE BABY BAILEY - because Bailey saved Mer's life. Bailey is hunting for Webber. She wants to apologize. She won't find him to talk to though........ He's gone. I know he's gone.

The season ends with Webber lying still on the wet floor of the basement, with electric sparks flying around him.

And it goes black....... no answers until next year........