Y’all – the McNugget is at risk tonight.  Where’s that crate of tissue?  I could use it to blot my tears or — I could think of an entirely different way to use it on Shonda Sunshine.  Just sayin’.  The giant griddle in the sky best not come for the McNugget —

Right after the voiceover, Hurricane Karev isn’t waiting for the storm, but Owen has the docs getting ready.  Karev calls McDreamy away – If the jerkwad hit Jo, I hope Karev and McDreamy pack the kind of punch that leaves a lasting impression.  Uhh Ohhh………  it’s too late for McDreamy to intervene – Karev already dealt enough blows of his own.  (You go, Alex!)

Arizona’s still flirting?  No, girl – you don’t go…

Owen and Ethan and yes, Owen should be a Dad because he’s got the stuff, the magical Dad stuff.  But Cristina told Ethan’s Grandmom the truth about Ethan’s Dad’s condition.  How dare she!  The truth?  What was she thinking?

And yeah………  Owen asks Mer the “A” word question.  We’ve all known that was coming.

Power tools in the OR.  It’s about time.

So Jo beat the Doc who hit her?  Lovin’ that.  I hope she doesn’t suffer for it.  Take it from a lawyer – the law isn’t always just.  Will Alex take the fall?  Yes, he will.  Mer knows that – telling him not to do anything stupid was futile.  She chases after Jo, telling her not to let Alex take the fall.  She chases after Jo on the stairs.  Then the cleaning guy comes by with the power tool from the surgery she was kicked out of and Mer is pissed — she stomps up the stairs, not watching where she’s going and……..

Damn it.  She falls.  I fell once when I was carrying my youngest.  I was getting out of the tub.  Thankfully, I landed on my hands and knees mostly but I was still terrified.  I see Mer’s face — yeah, I felt like that.  Just like that.

Shonda – leave the McNugget be!  Mer can be happy.  We don’t need the dark and twisty back.  No losing the baby and a downward spiral in the marriage.  No threat of infidelity from Mer or Der – No, I tell you.  No.  A healthy McNugget means a healthy Mer/Der.  You listening, Sunshine???

Dear duck – Der’s in emergency surgery on Ethan’s Dad when Mer falls on the stairs.  He leaves it in the hands of the intern.  He had to go, of course – HAD TO – but it can’t bode well for Ethan’s PaPa.  Course, we all knew Ethan’s Dad was a goner.  He has to die so that Owen and Cristina have to deal with that “A” word.

So far so good for the wee McNugget.

A musical proposal for Kepner?  Rose and all?  I still like her with Jackson better, but…….  what will she say?  She said yes – they throw roses.  But what will Jackson say?  His eyes meet April’s……..  Jackson is clapping – trying to be happy for April.  Yeah, Sunshine, we all see the circle.  She’s trying to make April and Jackson the new Mer/Der.  But you know, the paramedic the paramedic is no Chris O’Donnell — err, Veternarian Dr. Finn Dandridge……

Yep, we’re heading for a trauma room scene with Jackson and April…….  It probably won’t occur at a prom at the hospital though.  How many of those can they have?

But, yes, the proposal is why Owen kicked April out of her surgery………

Dear Duck 2 – the visiting hot doc wants Arizona to show her the on call room?>  Really?

And Alex is trying to talk the beaten Doc out of calling the cops.  Alex is being smart.  Threatening the Doc with who Alex’s friends are……….  No, Alex’s friends don’t like a guy who’ll hit a girl.  It’s the new Denny and the LVAD… But McDreamy overhears.  By the Book McDreamy – the cop’s kid…….

And Webber calls Bailey on the carpet for avoiding the OR….  Good.  We need the Nazi back.

And then Mer goes to answer Owen’s “A” question about Zola.  And Owen tells Mer all his feelings for Ethan – all the ones he should be telling Cristina.  But Owen thinks Cristina won’t get it.  And Ethan’s Dad wakes up — so Owen is sad.  Very, very sad.  Cristina doesn’t get it………

I’m still wondering if Ethan’s Dad will actually make it.

And, yeah, I’m still worried about the McNugget…..

The storm is rolling in…… And the paramedic has to speak with Jackson. He tells Jackson that Owen was in on it.  Will Jackson tell April?  Do bees bee?  Do birds bird?

And, yeah, Mer tells Cristina about the “A” conversation with Owen……  And the power is flickering as Arizona shows hot doc the on call room.  It had to be, right?  No, girl.  Don’t do it.  Another flicker.  And a kiss……  Arizona gives the right answer…..  but the hot doc talks her into being bad……  And sometimes I like bad……  But I like Callie more.

Alex yells at Jo and she doesn’t understand it means that he cares……  And they almost have their moment until… A tree falls right in the den……..

Callie is looking for Arizona……….  and Mer’s water breaks……..  It’s too early……..

But sometimes, McNuggets arrive early, right?? But the preview doesn’t look good.  A C Section in the dark?  An explosion — and Mer’s voice asking why the baby isn’t breathing……..and McDreamy trying to look calm with a horrified expression on his face?

Don’t do it Shonda……..  leave the McNugget alone!






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