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“Do You Believe In Magic” – Liveblogging Grey’s Anatomy

Tonight's blog comes from my hotel room in not-so-sunny Orlando, Florida.  As my other post of today advised, my eldest graduated today from UCF.  The reunited Clan Graham will be heading home tomorrow.  It's been a rainy graduation week, but there's a good reason for that. Florida is crying because it's losing Zack.

Anyway, my attention tonight is divided with packing, etc.  Also, tonight I lack my always-spiffy Time Warner DVR with the ability to pause and rewind.  I may miss things -- and I'm hoping you'll understand.

As we await the show, I'm thinking back to the classic Lovin' Spoonful song lyrics. They ask if you believe in magic in a young girl's heart, how the music frees her, whenever it starts.  I admit to being biased, but I feel that way about romance novels.  I think a good love story can free anyone, including girls young and old.  A story of love and lust, passion and pain always leading to a happily ever after can make us feel free and easy, no matter what fills our days.

Tonight's epi centers around a magic trick gone wrong, the need for magic to mend relationships with Bailey, too much of the wrong kind of magic to celebrate a 21st birthday and a wee dose of the kind of troublesome magic that makes relationships go so right - or so wrong.

A magician really sawed his wife in half (or nearly), and Meredith and Webber can't stabilize her.  They could use Bailey's help but Bailey isn't talking to anyone.  The whole group lines up to corner her at a restroom but Bailey still slams the door.  The magician's wife turned out to be about to leave him for the other magician's assistant.  Karev is avoiding Jo and Cristina is helping and April's recalled that being bad with Jackson felt really good.

Owen and Cristina aren't progressing but they're not falling backwards either.  However, Owen's bonding more with Ethan, his future adoptive son - or so we decided several epi's ago.  And then Owen sends Ethan home with his grandmother, but the boy is rushed back to the hospital after he overdoses on Grandma's sleeping pills.  Trouble for Otina looms, unless Cristina has grown enough to accept a child.  If not, that could spell an end to Otina's non-marital bliss.

Arizona had to call social services for Ethan, and that doesn't make anyone happy.  But, Ethan's ingesting the pills reminds Cristina of a possible way to wake Ethan's father from his coma.  And the magician tells the assistant that he knows she is what his wife needs to mend her heart and her soul.  Oh, and Jo wants to get things back where they were with Karev.  Hasn't she figured that out yet?  Jo seems far too smart to be so stupid.

The 21-year-old's friends are worried about what they will do for spring break if their friend can't drink.  April tells them to aspire to greatness - become doctors or senators.  Jackson overhears her and April invites him to Joe's but Jackson says no.  He has plans.

And Cristina's magical cure isn't magic for Ethan's Dad and the social workers are on the way to take Ethan.  Meredith tries another appeal to Bailey and it doesn't work.   It turns out Bailey's been testing her blood - obsessively - for the strain of staph that killed patients last week.  So far, every test has turned out negative.

Owen tells Ethan not to take pills without a parent's permission and he says he doesn't think he has parents anymore.  Cristina tries - telling Ethan that they haven't given up on his Dad, but that just makes Ethan cry.  Then Grandma tells Owen that Ethan needs a parent because her son is gone.  She tells Owen that Ethan needs someone to look after him and she can't.  Yep - it's going there.

Jackson meets the intern and admits he hasn't called her for 11 days because he's the head of the hospital now.  But if he was going to try to keep things quiet he screws up by laying a hot one on her right at Joe's.

And Callie tells the visiting surgeon that she's married.  The doc still has the hots for her though.

Webber comes to Bailey's aide by calling her husband.  For him, Bailey opens the door.

And Cristina acknowledges the elephant, asking Owen if he wants a child.  Owen says he wants her -- but all of us, including Cristina, knows that is only part of the truth.

Karev goes home to find Jo sitting and waiting for him - but she's been beaten.  Yes, Dr. Not So Wonderful is a woman beater.

OH - DEAREST DUCK - the previews.  Meredith won't slow down and she falls, walking up stairs.

Leave the McNugget alone - Sunshine.  Just sayin'.........