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“Sleeping Monster” – Liveblogging Grey’s Anatomy

As I await the Mer's voice over - thought I'd post a link to this story about a 'miracle baby' who inspired a story in tonight's Grey's Anatomy.   The McDonagh family of McHenry, Ill and their miracle baby, Ian, are fine now - but they went through a lot on the road to fine.  I hope this story isn't about Mer and the McNugget.  I don't wish ill on any little one and I'm sorry little Ian and his family went through this - but I already love the McNugget.  Just sayin'.

(BTW - I linked the 'miracle baby' story earlier on QA's Facebook page.  If you don't follow us there, you're missing out on some juicy linkage.  So pause, click this link, and follow - all good?  You did it right?  Okay - now on to the voice over...)

Okay - Bailey's got the voice over tonight.  That makes sense - given her job jeopardy.  And infections are like monsters.  I'm a Type I diabetic and staph is an infection I've gotten to know too well.    But how dare the CDC grill Bailey?  She's the nicest Nazi I know.

Great duck - April is going to play the distressed virgin card.  Come on - I was starting to like her for a while.  Guess we're not supposed to like April.  The writers' want us to see her as a nut.  Guess what?  To someone reared in the Bible Belt, April's not such a nut.  I'm going to try to forgive her for the outburst where she blames Jackson for "taking" her virginity.  I'll assume we will have an adult moment later where she at least apologizes and says that even if she regrets it now, her virginity was a gift she gave Jackson.  Geez - women can take responsibility better than this.

Meredith wants Cristina to be there when she gives birth?  Cristina?  Hello - Mer, don't you know your person better than that?  Still, it's possible Cristina changes her mind before epi's end.

The little boy - Ethan, I think - Owen's still attached even though Grandma has showed up now.

Oh, and thank goodness.  The 'miracle' baby story doesn't involve the McNugget.  Don't grill the McNugget, Shonda Sunshine.  Some things are sacred.

The family reunion story is a nice light note.  Love 'em.  Love 'em a lot.  Just not a lot of 'em at once, right?

Bailey channels Aretha's "Respect" to time her scrubbing before surgery?  That fits.  All women everywhere should channel a little Aretha. The Nazi channels a lot of Aretha - which is why no one should mess with Bailey.

Cristina tells Karev to beat up Jo's boyfriend?  Uhh Ohh, watch out what you wish for Cristina.  You might get it.....

So, one of the reunion kids is going to break the CDC investigation story?  Interesting.

Der's hovering over Mer and worrying about her treating Bailey's staph patients is way cute - from this side at least. Der's not so cute when Mer tells him she wants Cristina in the OR.  Love Owen's comment -- "Watching a baby being born is like seeing God in person."

The investigator grills Bailey on whether she closed a particular surgery.  But Bailey has the luxury of getting up and walking out before the interview is done.  Witnesses in a courtroom can't do that - and that point - the point when Bailey walked out - that's the point where the truth begins to emerge.  It's the breaking point.  I'm a lawyer, though I don't do trial work.  My boss is a trial lawyer and I do all the appeals.  Do you have any idea how much deposition and trial testimony I've read?  Yep, my boss is an excellent trial lawyer and he knows all about the breaking point.

Now Mer sits down with Bailey.  But Jackson calls her on it -- and Ethan's Mom seizes.  Bailey's not allowed to treat - and it keeps Ethan available for that possible adoption Owen's going to want, right?  I blogged about that several epis ago.

And Cristina's operating on 'miracle baby.'

And Ethan's Mom doesn't survive the elevator ride up to the OR.

Does anyone have a tissue?

Oh, duckness.  Owen has to tell Ethan about his mom's death.  Owen does a great job and Ethan goes out to comfort his grandmother.  What an amazing kid!  More tissue?  Yes, I think so.

Bailey hears her MENTOR, Webber, tell one of her struggling patients that the problem at the hospital was one doctor and she's been isolated from patients.  Jo asks Webber about it later and he says he doesn't believe that.  He just said it to get the patient's parents to let them operate so the guy wouldn't die.  Either way - it's truth to Bailey and truth from the source she'd take the most seriously.  Bailey goes back to the investigator - demanding to know the results of her staph test.  They tested Bailey - they tested everyone.

The investigator doesn't answer, but Bailey sees the truth in his eyes - she does have the strain of staph infecting her patients.  She's left asking -  did I do this?  Did I do this?  The Nazi, humbled.

Someone call Kleenex for me and order a crate.  Between this and the rumors of a "superstorm" striking during the finale and Shonda Sunshine promising more trauma -- Forget the crate.  How much tissue does an 18-wheeler hold?

Yes, Cristina changes her mind.  However, Derek might kill her if she tries to turn the McNugget birth all dark and twisty. The Cristina expresses sympathy to Owen for Ethan's mom's loss.

Bailey invades the board meeting.  She hears the investigator say that she carried the staph.  BUT - the gloves were defective - microscopic tears, etc.  The CDC doesn't think Bailey would have given the patients staph without the defective gloves.  CDC recommends Bailey be fully treated before going back to patient care.  But Bailey's still upset and I understand completely.

Jackson has to go to April.  He tells her he's not sorry they slept together and then, on cue, jerky paramedic walks in.  He says he wants the do-over April offered earlier.  She gives it to him.  But I'm still waiting for April to woman up and own her choices.

Okay,  Webber on the bench with Bailey.  She's still upset that she killed 2 patients and then she learns that another died.  She's in tears.....  upset that Webber shut her out when he should have tried to protect her.  Bailey says she always defended Webber when Adele complained about Webber putting the hospital first.  Instead of standing up for her, he stood up for the hospital again.

Alex goes to Cristina's room when he gets home.  Jo called him on telling her secrets to her boyfriend.  And Alex finally confesses that he loves her.  And Cristina pats the bed - calling Alex in - not romantically, but in her old Mer posture of support.  She tells Alex that she thinks she is losing Owen.  Not today, but soon.

Gosh, and the previews for next week - it looks like a lot of folks will begin to lose........

How fast can that 18 wheeler of tissue get here?