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“Can’t Fight This Feeling” – Liveblogging Grey’s Anatomy

Starting with McDreamy bliss and kidus interruptus.  A frustrated McDreamy is still mighty yummy. Lots of sexy stuff in the opener - Owen and Cristina too, proving nobody sexes like the exes.

Oh, and as to the voiceover - if I'm in an OR holding a scalpel, someone's really in trouble.

A tanker accident - leaking gas- a family in trauma.  That's Grey's.  Close the ER?  No way.

A sick kid that everyone is dismissing but the Mom?  Mothers always know.

Okay, now the tanker exploded.  And the patient covered with gasoline ignored the docs and went outside for a ciggie.  Didn't any of these people ever hear of e-cigs?  My brand is "Logic" - their platinum has the max nicotine and a heavier vapor.  It's the bomb and comes in rechargables - 5 are like $19.99.  Some offices even allow you to use them at your desk, BTW and I hear lot's of hospitals okay them in the rooms.  (Hey, it's commercial time on the show too!)

Oh - Jackson's working on the paramedic who played hero while April has to go try to help Karev save a baby.  Given that April's been to the carnival and the paramedic thinks she hasn't - that's got to worry April.  They save the baby but mama's bleeding.  Come on guys - every new little Angel deserves a grown up Angel of their very own.

Mom with the sick kid is back.  His fever is higher.  Docs want to turn them away.  But Mom's a fighter.  Any parent of a special kid better be a fighter. Yeah for Meredith!  Her mommy sense is already well - honed, isn't it.  Yes, admit the kid because if Mom says he's sick, he's probably sick.  And then the little boy Owen's been watching sneaks away and finds Mom just waking from brain surgery and she doesn't remember him.  Okay, I know it's possible.  My brain knows it's possible - but I can't imagine it.  Brain surgery, amnesia and all - I'd know my kid.  (Insert Mr. Duck making a helicopter sound here.)

Jackson treating the paramedic's arse when April walks in?  Priceless.

Gosh, the mom who had the baby and is now dying wanted to name her baby Rose?  Really?  That's the heroine's name in my WIP. (She hooks up with a lovely Highland laird named Ramsay)

It's the Bing it On ad.  That campaign reminds me of my sons who like to trade bad puns - the "badder" the better and the "baddest" is the best.  And yes, they're 22 and 15 but their mom is a nutty duck lady.  Considering that, they're pretty normal - in duck universe terms.

It's pretty easy to see that the lovely Owen Cristina reunion will be in trouble after this epi, unless Cristina's changed her mind about parenthood.  Maybe they can adopt an older kid?  Lots of older kids need great parents.  Will the parents of Owen's surrogate son survive?  If both pass away or are incapacitated and Owen keeps the kid, that could be a big ole' obstacle for Cristina.  Sur-son's Dad coded - he's being placed on ice.

Oh, and the newborn's mom didn't make it.  Not fair.  Jo's new boyfriend won't  tell mom's hubby that his wife died.  New boyfriend says the mom wasn't his patient - he passed her along to April. So Alex will do it to save the distraugt April from having to.  And Jo's intern friend called the new boyfriend sensitive?  Those ladies need a new dictionary. And April was left in tears, sobbing beside Jackson.  Those two are not finished.

And the mystery patient has Kawasaki's. Meredith catches it.  'Course, we knew it was Kawasaki's.  The amazing actress playing the mom is Sarah Chalke of Roseanne and Scrubs and she's a real life Kawasaki's mom.  She's doing the show to raise awareness of the disease which can cause permanent heart damage if not caught in time. You go, Sarah....

Callie gets to give her speech.  Only she doesn't do the one she rehearsed.  Now she talks about cartilege - what holds us together when things fall apart.

And April goes to her paramedic boyfriend.  Asking if he believes in fated love, telling him that her patient, the new mom, had a love like that with her husband.  Why would God bring them together if it was just to be torn apart?  The paramedic tells April he loves her - and she's shocked.  He says he "loves her too."  But she wanted him to listen to her questions and now she has a bigger one of her own.

And Cristina tells Owen that in icing down Owen's surrogate kid's real Dad, she was trying to save him.  She wants the family reunited too.  Owen acts like Cris hates kids if she doesn't want to be a mom, and that's just not true.

Oh, dearest duck.  Mer asks Bailey to do gene mapping on her and Zola.  Mer wants to know if she's going to get Alzheimer's like her Mom.  No, she really, really doesn't need to know that right now, while she's pregnant and needs to be cooking up a happy baby.  Happy babies are born to happy Moms.

Mer, oh Mer -- was she missing her dark and twisty side that much?