Are You Ready For Some Magic?

QA fans - get ready.  We're only a week away from spreading some magic.

Yes, peeps, "A Magical Forever" -the sequel to my "Forever Series" - Peter's story,  will be available everywhere on Easter Sunday, March 31st.  I enrolled the book in KDP Select, mainly to try the program for myself, and see if I could benefit from some of those paid "borrows."  In Select, whenever a Kindle Prime member borrows your book, the reader gets to read it free and the writer gets paid for the borrow.  In exchange for participating, the writer has to make the book free for the 90-day term.  My term is up 3/30 and I'll start uploading the book to all the other retailers.

So, was it worth it?  Would I do it again?  No.

Don't get me wrong, I love Amazon and the Kindle.  I'm a dedicated owner of the first version of the device - haven't sprung for the new one yet.  I may let them get down the road another generation or so before I do that.  But I do love my Kindle.  And I'm a Prime member - but - you know what?  I rarely "borrow" a book.  At first, I used my borrow every month but then life - and my writing - got in the way.  Perhaps the same is true for other Kindle owners, because I had many, many more sales than borrows.

Of course, I do price my work to be affordable.  "Magical" is priced at only $3.99.   At that price, all my readers can pick up the book for less than they'd spend for a burger combo at most fast food joints.  And the love and joy of "Magic" will warm your soul for a lot longer than that Big Mac will fill your tummy.

Y'all get your buying fingers ready -- next week a big ole dose of magic is headed your way!!