“Idle Hands” – Liveblogging Grey’s Anatomy

The voice over - work keeps us out of trouble?  Have these people seen my office?

McDreamy talking to the McNugget?  Now that's yummy.  Even if Meredith is already in worried Mommy mode.  Yeah, an idle mind will get us into trouble - or at least mischief.  Meredith is worried about her baby?  She should try being a Type1 Diabetic hearing the laundry list of hideous possibilities from a whole team of doctors.

So the new "Grey+Sloan Memorial" is a high tech wonderland.  Hopefully, they have a team of IT people.  McGeeks.

Matthew's never "been to the carnival?"  He thinks April's never been either - and April is worried about corrupting Matthew.  Yo, April - this is not a good subject to discuss with dark and twisty Meredith.

The sweet teacher has cancer?  I've got to take another aspirin.  Did y'all see that study where they say that taking at least 3 aspirin a week helps prevent cancer?  I mean seriously, it helps heart patients and now it prevents cancer?  And you can buy a big bottle of generic aspirin for $1.99 while a prescription antibiotic that will do bupkis for heart problems or cancer costs enough to feed you for a week.  What genius sets these pricing priorities?

Now April's talking to Callie about the carnival?

Karev is screwing with Jo's doctor boyfriend.  Good for him!

There's a very angry father pushing around an intern.  McDreamy is doing brainsurgery on angry father's kid.  Am I a bad person because I look forward to angry father trying out that 'tude on McDreamy?

The teacher lies to her kids and says she'll be right back to teaching.  Meredith lies and agrees when the teacher asks her too.  (April - see what I mean about that whole morality coaster carnival ride?)

Okay, Karev - having the doctor boyfriend call out in the waiting room for patient Genny Talia?  Reminds me of The Simpsons.  Paging Dr. Bart.........  is that a scary thought or what?

And Cristina's cutting edge surgery turns out to be -- a pitch session for funding for phase 3 of a clinical trial.  Get used to it, Cristina.  All those lives in your OR and all those futures in a Courtroom?  They're the fun part of practice.  But the bottom line is that without a strong bottom line there is no practice.  Even businesses that aren't about business - are all about business.

Cristina rants while Mer worries about the baby kicking.  And Mer thinks Cristina's voice will calm down the baby?  Uh ohh - there's Bailey who has been wanting to pitch Genome mapping.  So Bailey pitches to the McNugget -- and it calms down the tyke-in-production.

Webber tells Karev to get more creative than fake patients with funny names.  So he has doctor boyfriend bring a urine sample to Bailey.  Okay - guffaw.  That was funny.

And Cristina pays back the doctor who was pitching her by giving Bailey his research money.  Yep.  Business can be fun.

Calzona and the massage?  Now that's sexy.  Massages are always sexy - just ask Mr. Duck!  You know, he needs to blog again soon.  Maybe he should post one about how he manages not to kill a crazy duck lady.  A self-help book for all the men married to romance writers trying to get their careers to bud.  It would be a public service, really.

Okay, the new full body scan was cool.  I just think April needs to stop looking for clues from the universe.  That's my job.  (If my hubby tells me about a bird he saw in the yard, I'll ask -- was it a lucky bird?)  But really, April, the universe isn't always trying to solve your carnival crisis.  Ride or don't ride.  Just be happy about it.

McDreamy takes out angry Dad with one big emotional punch.  That's his specialty really.  He's an emotional savant.  How else could he have a happy marriage with Meredith?

Meredith and her mania about the baby are driving McDreamy crazy.  So - he takes Mer off to do all the testing he can think of to try to ease her mind.  See - an emotional savant.

The first McDreamy McNugget pic!  Okay, all the parents out there - it's memory lane time.  AND IT'S A BOY!!!

Homework assignment - Name the McNugget***-