Liveblogging Grey’s Anatomy: “Transplant Wasteland”

Okay Grey's peeps, I took a week off from liveblogging Grey's and then the show had a wee hiatus.  But it's back and so am I.  How will Seattle Grace fare with Jackson running the show?

One pre-show thought - what is it with April and men in charge?  First McDreamy and now Jackson?  Just a thought.... Will April's heating fling/thing with the paramedic fizzle out under the bright lights of Jackson's power play?

His first move is firing Owen?  You go Cristina - but Meredith wins the round.  She reminds Jackson that the doctor's sued the hospital over the plane crash that killed Lexie.  But Owen is still on the chopping block -- so he takes on Jackson.  Derek has to save the big, bad power powerbroker - and it works until Owen quits.  Does anybody think Cristina will let Owen quit?

Nope, she chases Owen outside.  He tells her Derek blames him for the crash.  Uhh Ohh - now Cristina's going McDreamy hunting.  He'd still be cute with an arrow between his eyes.

Now there are 3 organ transplant surgeries in one day and no transplant coordinator - because Owen was going to do that job.  And April's trying to talk one donor out of donating.  (I"m a lawyer and I have no idea if Cardiac Death donation is legal.)  But I love April's crusading spirit -- even if I suspect she's gonna be power crushin' on Jackson real soon.

Jo's talking to Mer about Alex.  Is Jo really that clueless?  I've heard men try to claim that they "know" first, but I don't know if I believe it.  What do y'all think?

Cristina suggests that the warring neighbors get transplants on the same day - domino style - but one of them is ornery enough to reject it on principal:  he doesn't want anything to do with his neighbor's heart.  Mer and Jo arrive to find--- a kidnapped kidney??  Seriously?  We're at commercial now but the docs have just said they're done;  Mer said, where's our kidney;  and the docs give each other that Cpt. Kirk/Spock look -- oh so dramatic.  It can only mean -- a kidnapped kidney.  Unless I'm wrong - which does happen.  Hey,  If Shonda was going to get alliterative, how about "the purloined pancreas?"

It seems the kidney is on a plane to Seattle....  How?  I'm wondering if it was Owen.

Catherine thinks Richard wants Jackson's job ---- he tells her she's setting Jackson up to fail.  Yo, Richard - never get between a Mama and her baby boy.  A mama's baby stays a mama's baby - whether he's 2, 22 or 32.  (My oldest baby toddles onto a stage to get his engineering degree in May.  He thinks he's grown, but I know better - just like Catherine.  Except - I don't always know better.  Sometimes, I just think I'm right.)

April comes around - and now it's time for Cristina and Derek to have a heart to heart.  She asks Derek what his deal with Owen is about - "it's not about him" she says and Derek doesn't disagree.  Is it Mark?  Did Derek decide he was betraying Mark by befriending Owen?  We'll see, now they've started the transplant two-step.

Jackson steps up and says "that is it."  And it is it --  who can overrule him?  (Only Mama, of course.)  Bailey in Jackson's corner is interesting.  She was in the Chief's corner for a lot of years.

Mer and Jo arrive with the kidney.  No explanations - except that Jo fought hard for it.

Derek goes after Owen.  Derek says he's been pissed at the world - and at Mark.  And April has to drag a distraught Mama off the son who just turned off his vent so his heart would die and he could donate his organs.  It's a noble thing to do but I'd have sawed off the hand of anyone touching that vent.  Just saying.  Again.  Don't mess with a mama's baby.

And Richard and Catherine are still fighting over Jackson.  She tells him to back off.  Then she tells Richard she's been looking for a father for Jackson for 28 years.  Ahmm - does that sort of make Meredith and Jackson siblings?  Step-siblings?

Now Jackson takes control of the board meeting.  Owen agrees to come back.  Jackson says they are re-opening the ER.  Awww - and they re-name the hospital: GREY - SLOANE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.

Yep- that sounds just right.