Shonda The Gardener – Live Blogging Grey’s Anatomy: “The Hard Bargain”

The initial meeting reminds me of lawyer's trying to settle a case.  Owen and Cristina are doing the wild thing and the other plane crash docs are negotiating the wild thing.  They're talking buying the hospital and this time, Arizona and Callie are on opposite sides.  Arizona thinks Derek feels guilty that he got the money and gets to keep his career.

She might be right.  McDreamy is good at buying his own tickets for guilt trips.  I do that all the time and it takes one to know one. The next day at the hospital, Arizona apologizes for calling McDreamy egomaniacal.  Then they see the picture.  It's a lot of McDreamy.

Karev still has that sparkle in his eyes working with Jo over a sick baby.  But he really doesn't want to have that sparkle.  Watching such a cutie pie fight himself should be fun.

Oh, gosh.  A second sick kid in the same epi.  I hate seeing sick kids.  This one needs experimental treatment.  The new hospital doesn't do experimental.  Are they unaware of the dangers of saying no to the Nazi?

And Cristina is not on board with the sale -- yet.  She'll get there.  She's a rebel at heart.

OK.  April having the "How do I tell the cute paramedic I won't sleep with him," convo with Jackson was awkward.  It still reminds me of the period when McDreamy was with Addison and Meredith was trying to make a life with other people.

The interns telling Cristina that the "new hospital" feels like working at a trade school seemed to wake her up, didn't it?  Cristina doesn't do second class medicine.   And the meeting about changes with the staff?  Not so smooth.

McDreamy gets tired of playing McModel just as Owen is telling Bailey he didn't even bother to take her proposed experimental treatment on the sick kid to the board.  Owen knew it would be turned down.  His scream at Bailey that the answer was no,  just no?  That was the last straw.  Now Derek has to find a really buff stallion to ride in on when he saves the day.

Callie waits outside and it's a dark and stormy night... Oh.. she's meeting McDreamy and a financial advisor.  He tells her that they have to form a company to buy the hospital and then run the company like a board.  Boy, the occupants of the van in the rain keep changing.  Uh Oh... the advisor tells Cristina she can't tell Owen but he'll end up being Chief.

Cahill's giving Owen a world-class brown nose.  She says she's good at her job and she's right b/c Owen's buying what she's selling.  And I can smell it from the other side of the country.  She's talked Owen into going into a room and trying to lie to a room full of nurses and staff.  They buy it too - really?? Cristina tries to get Owen to cough up the Kool Aide but he's still strolling down guilt lane over having put all the docs on the plane.

Only on Grey's would calling a woman "the biggest ball busting Ice Queen bitch he's ever met" be a pep talk.

YOU GO BAILEY - she tells sick kid's Dad that if he wants to save his kid, he better check out of Seattle Grace.  That even woke up Arizona.

Guilt and Coffee - That should've been the title of this epi.  All the docs are either towing a truckload of guilt or getting a shot of reality -- sometimes both.

Jo and Karev with the baby again.  He's telling Jo it can work b/c it worked for Mer/Der....

The Jackson comment to April - whispered - awww -- "he'll follow you anywhere."

Pegasus wants to move up the closing and the only way to save their shot to buy the hospital is by quitting.  Cristina's quitting with that "me too" when Owen had that betrayed look on his face? That took mad courage.

And the innocuous intern is the one defacing the McDreamy posters?  Perhaps,  he's not so innocuous after all.  I've been pegging him as the George of the group and George did have his moments.  George died from one of those moments.  Ohhh - intern was doing it at Derek's instructions.  Yeah, that's sort of like George and the Chief.

Cristina's worried about Owen not understanding.  He may not.

The paramedic is saving himself for marriage?  So, April worried for nothing.  Except now, he'll think her "I am too" means that she is a virgin.....  wait... will she tell him?  Darn, she doesn't.

Jo turns down a beer.  She has a date.  She asked the other guy out...

And Owen knocking and screaming for Cristina but she's not there.

The epi ends where my blog last week ended.  With the docs trying to find a name for the group buying the hospital.  I'm still working on that too.

But after this epi - I'VE FIGURED OUT SHONDA'S BIGGEST SHUFFLE OF ALL!  Did y'all get it yet?  She's trying to plant a little bit of the Mer/Der magic in each developing couple on the show. Who knew Shonda Rhimes was such a gardener?

If she plants the McMagic, will it grow?