Grey’s Changing Face – A Live Blog of This Week’s Show!

Okay, QA fans - you strange crowd, you - here goes my first shot at live blogging Grey's Anatomy.  This week's episode is - "The Face Of Change."

First, I'm already over Jackson and the intern chick.  Her name escapes me at the moment.  I liked Jackson with April - there was enough clash to give the combo some dash.  Don't get me wrong, April and the paramedic have promise, but it feels a little like Meredith and the Vet - close, but not quite. I do like Jo with Karev, though.  They might be the right match.

Why did they name the would-be buyers Pegasus?  The Pegasus is an emblem of UCF - my eldest's college (and soon to be alma mater- he graduates in May).    And UCF is a great school -

Jackson's seminar - Sidebar - borrowing a court term for a medical show is lame.

Up to the scene with April getting her trauma fix with the cute paramedic.  I'm liking April more and more these days.  I'm hopeful that she'll give up her quest to be "perfect." She should realize that so long as she keeps caring for others, giving of herself and not going out of her way to hurt other people - that'll make her a quacking fine person in anyone's book.  She's become kind of kick ass lately so she's really got promise.  If Jackson's not careful, she'll pass him by before he realizes what he's lost.

The underground ER is kind of cool.  Maybe I could afford one of those.  Not a speakeasy -- maybe a treateasy?

Jackson asking April in the treateasy - "Your ride along was a date?"  Reminds me of Derek when he was trying to stay married telling Meredith in the OR about how much it hurt knowing she was with other men.  That was the patented Shonda shuffle. And Derek running interference for the treateasy?  McDreamy.  (His is the face of Seattle Grace, right?  What kind of new idiot buyers wouldn't know that?)

I also like Callie and the Chief going all undercover.  Mr. and Mrs. Plantain rocked it cool-style.  The Chief is a softie but I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Callie.  Love their interrogation of the docs.  It reminded me of "soylant green is people."

Jackson and Karev bonding over surgery was kind of nice.  And Meredith's anti-geek style saved the day when her rep for "deleting" patients from the iPad helps cover for the docs rebellion of mercy.  And of course, the line of interns being questioned?  That's Denny and the L-Vad investigation.  Shonda's shuffling a lot tonight.

Love Jackson and Karev taking responsibility.  Call McDreamy on the carpet, will Miss Dr. Accountant?

And it takes Meredith to open Karev's eyes about his feelings for Jo?

The Chief is talking early retirement?  That'd be sad for him.  His dream probably isn't staying home to write a book.

April and the cute EMT again - he came back to check on the patient - and to try again w/April.  "I like you.  I really like you."  How sweet - and Jackson walking by during that kiss?  That's not sweet.  That's karma.

Jo and Karev toasting w/doughnuts?  That's my kind of toast.  And that look in Karev's eyes.  Yep.  Change is coming.

Owen goes back to Cristina and he knew she was a treateasy cohort.

The meeting?  Callie suggests what I predicted last week.   Yep.  The new doctorillionaires are going to buy the hospital.  They'll win that battle just like Dempsey won the fight for Tully's.  I'm not buying  the promo for next week where McDreamy says he's resigning -

But you know what I am buying?  Yeah, that poster in the elevator.  The PR folks weren't so stupid after all.