A McDreamy Kick

Yes, Mer/Der lovers, on the last episode, "Bad Blood,"  - baby McDreamy kicked for the first time!

Doesn't every mother remember that feeling?  Like little butterfly wings at first.......  it's something no mother will ever forget.  You know you're carrying a baby, but that first kick is really when you start connecting to the developing little person you're incubating.  I talked to mine -- sometimes, I even sang to them.  Maybe that's why both boys get pained expressions on their faces when I sing today.  Likely, it's memories of being helpless and forced to hear mommy sing.

Read the whole episode rundown here on Starpulse.com.

Owen and Cristina went off drinking together, and that's got to be a good thing.  I'm still rooting for them, although I'm not convinced that they're each other's "soul mate."  Maybe, I've still got a Dr. Preston Burke hangup re Cristina.  Yeah, I know those were way early days and way long ago, but loyalty is one of my biggest character flaws/assets.  (Aren't most things both - in different ways?)  Still, I was glad to see Owen and Cristina boogle off together.  They both deserve some happiness.

Loved the bit at the end with Mer/Der in bed, with his hand covering her tummy, waiting for the kick so he could share it!!  Yeah, he wants to share it now, but wait till the wee kidlet gets bigger.  Mr. Duck swore our eldest did it deliberately.  He said Z kept kicking his back so hard it would drive him out of bed.

And the big news?  They're closing the ER to "stage" the hospital for potential buyers.  I hear there's a group of docs about to have a bunch of money to spend.  Can you imagine that group as co-owners?  What fun disputes that would...err.... will be.  Come on guys,  that's too tasty a morsel for Shonda "Sunshine" Rhimes and her gang of bangin' writers to pass up.

Maybe, McDreamy got the idea to buy Tully's from the docs' purchase of the hospital?  Tully's set McDreamy back 9.15 million - what's the going rate for buying a hospital these days?

I'm sure the docs will form an LLC or a Corporation to buy the hospital.  What would the name of that group be?