I’m Off To The Highlands

This is just a brief note to let my readers know that I'm hard at work again on my next historical romance. This one is set in the Scottish Highlands. I do love a good laird, don't you?

Or is that a bad laird? Or is it three bad lairds?

And they're lovely -- the lovely lairds - or so all the lasses say, anyway.

It's the lasses that are Ram's problem. He's presently blessed with an overabundance of betrotheds. Yes, they should be one to a customer but somehow Laird Ram Sutherland finds himself betrothed to two women at the same time. What's a laird to do?

As soon as my muse fills me in on that -- and I finish the book -- readers of this blog will be the first to know.

Stay tuned, because Mary Anne Graham and Quacking Alone Romance is about to take you over the top of one of the highest, most ruggedly beautiful spots on the planet. The view is bound to be as grand as the journey is giddy. While you await my new Highland historical, be sure and pick up Peter's story - "A Magical Forever." It's exclusive to Amazon until March 30th but then it will be available everywhere.