Facebook Is More Addictive Than Sex?

Facebook is more addictive than smoking, according to a new study from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business study.

The group found that people are more tempted by Facebook and Twitter than sex.

The study focused on 205 people in Germany, inquiring about their urges to measure their ability to withstand regular, daily temptations. Participants ranged in age all the way from 18 to 85.  Each was given a Blackberry for a week and told to check in every 30 minutes to let researchers know about their "desires" and urges to check their social media sites.

The hardest sites for participants to resist were Facebook and Twitter.  The study's author, Wilhelm Hoffman, says it's becoming harder and harder to escape the urge to look at the social news loops one last time.

The author of the article linked here, Barbara E. Hernandez, says:

We wonder if anyone is surprised that many would choose to read and post on Facebook rather than sleep. Isn't that why we have all those mobile devices, so we can still use them in bed? And maybe many of us are spending more time interfacing with those devices rather than loved ones.

You know what I wonder?  I wonder who these people are would would rather post on Facebook than sleep.  And I really wonder who in the name of all duckness would rather update their Facebook status than have sex.  Maybe we need an intervention for these folks - lets donate some inspirational reading material.  If they trade Facebook and Twitter a few good erotic romances on their e-reader or smartphone, they'll be skipping sleep for the right reason  - and it won't involve Facebook.

You know what else?  If these people prefer Facebook to sex, I think someone's doing it wrong.  Maybe they need some  training along with the inspiration.  Erotic Romances work for that too - take a few pages of A Sixth Sense of Forever or a chapter of Brotherly Love, mix in a little Dangerous Relations:  Griffin's Law and the former Facebook addicts will know what to do, how to do it and they'll stay anxious for their next practice session.

Someone needs to show the Facebook addicts that some of the best gadgets don't have buttons!