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A Real Life 50 Shades? Is Rough Sex Illegal Even If The Partners Consent?

This is a brief update based on an interesting news story out of Missouri via the New York Daily News.  It's about a couple into S&M.  The couple engaged in rough sexual play which was consensual.  From accounts, the acts are somewhat similar to those portrayed in the book "Fifty Shades of Grey" -- although it should be noted in a hurry that the acts are also vastly different.

Can you imagine Christian sharing Ana with other men?  Not if you've read the books, you can't.

The article that caught my eye was in the New York Daily News and entitled:  "Sex Slave Case in Missouri Raises Questions About Criminality of Bondage and Rough Sexual Activities."  The lead paragraph says:

EB (name omitted)  faces 11 counts of abuse against a woman, whom prosecutors claim was groomed to be his sex slave. His lawyer says it was consensual. Groups defending bondage and S&M activities fear the case's outcome could impact the legality of the lifestyle. It's gained more attention with the popularity of the bondage book '50 Shades of Grey.'

It's an interesting story, both because of the connection with 50 Shades and because of issues relative to the constitutionality of  the government intruding on a couple's sex life.  Does the state have grounds to call a halt to bedroom antics by an adult couple?  Prosecutors in the case say:  (names omitted)

"MB's `consent' to the sexual assaults by Defendant EB does not change whether the acts legally constitute assault or not. Pursuant to the Missouri state assault statute ... consent is not a defense to assault resulting in serious physical injury."

Check out the story and consider whether and when the government has a right to criminalize a married couple's sex life.