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A Mini Rant –

Just got a review on Amazon for Dangerous Relations:  Griffin's Law that called the book a poor copy of "Fifty Shades of Grey."   It noted that the main character's name is even Grey.

First, if Griffin's copied "Fifty Shades of Grey" then my E.S.P. was really working overtime when I wrote the book. Griffin's was published BEFORE Fifty Shades.....  So if I copied Ms. James work before she published it then -- DAMN, I"M GOOD.  Hey, maybe Miss James book was a poor copy of Griffin's?  (Just kidding, of course.  It's a ridiculous claim - all the way around.)

Anyone who reads this blog knows that Griffin's is my TRIBUTE TO GREY'S ANATOMY.  It  doesn't copy the characters or the settings and is sort of like Grey's Anatomy in a Law School - so it has some "Paper Chase" thrown in as well.  The book is intended to have the spirit and the ambiance of Grey's Anatomy.

And yes, you guessed it,  the main character of Griffin's -- GREY Griffin -- is named "Grey" as a tribute to the show.  Mind you, I love me some Fifty and Christian rocks -- but,  like my book,  the TV show existed long before EL James (Erika Leonard) blessed the world with her great story.

I'm sorry that particular reader didn't like Griffin's.  My work is - as I've often said - a love it or hate it thing and it wasn't to that reader's taste.  She has a right to her opinion ---- but the part about me copying "Fifty Shades" is just flat out wrong.

Yeah, I could've responded to the review on Amazon, but I feel that reviews are a reader's right and are not the proper place for an author to intervene.  When I first published, I'd once in the bluest of moons try to explain something or make a helpful comment, but I only did that once or twice - a long time ago.  I appreciate reviews.  I adore my readers - even when they don't love me back - but I had to protest the charge of "copying."

I didn't even copy Grey's Anatomy in Griffin's.  It's not much of a tribute if it's just a copy now, is it?  Griffin's is MY SPIN on Grey's Anatomy so yeah - it's a lot like me:  different, very, very, different.

But hey, on the bright side, if people think Griffin's is like "Fifty Shades" - that can't be a totally bad thing...