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Naughty School Girls

A search for "naughty school girls" hits the blog nearly every day and usually multiple times.  It's one of those strange things that makes me say -- hanh? 

It's the cover for Griffin's and John's post about covers that hits, I think.  I just find it an odd search to land on a romance blog.  I never see searches for naughty school boys hit, but now that I've mentioned it here - I bet they'll start coming too! 

Here are some random phrases thrown out just to attract searches everywhere: 

  • Shagging at Myrtle Beach;
  • Two For One Sale;
  • Lusty Ladies;
  • Lusty Lads;
  • Day Jobs Are Cruel and Unusual Punishment;
  • Geeks Are Sexy;
  • Sex On The Beach;
  • Sex In The Sand;
  • Handcuffs in Strange Places;
  • 9 to 5 Is 8 Hours Too Long;
  • Fifty Shades of Furries;
  • Whips and Chains With Cherries On Top;
  • Sex On A Tightrope Over Niagra Falls;
  • Forever Isn't Long Enough Unless It's Too Long;
  • Writers Are Strange People Who Do Strange Things;

Okay - that's enough for now.  Maybe we'll throw some more grist out for the search engines again later.

If you're strange enough to search for some of these things, you deserve what you hit and you should go buy one - or all - of my books immediately.  Think of it as penance.