The Best Trend of All – Author’s Choice Wins

The romance world is buzzing over biggie Courtney Milan turning down a contract from Harlequin for her next 2 and self-publishing them.  Why?  She gets better terms on the deal.

There was also recent news about Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath signing deals with the new publisher on the block - Amazon. Previously, both had turned their backs on traditional deals with Barry having most recently walked away from a big un.  Why the change?  Better terms from Amazon that will help promote the titles they are self-pubbing. 

A little while back you'll recall that indie phenom Amanda Hocking inked a multi million dollar deal with a big publishing house for 4 books.  Why? She was raking in the money as an indie.  Well, because the terms were better for her.

All of 'em say they'll continue to self-publish as well and Courtney says she may publish with a big house or publisher again. And you know what? Joe and Barry say their deal will help promote and publicize all their books - and that's very true for them and for Amanda and Courtney.

The blogosphere has been buzzing.  Lots of indies are portraying all of 'em as traitors. I've been a big time fan of indies, but you know what?  I cheer for Courtney, Joe, Barry and Amanda.  Because I see this as meaning that finally - at long last- authors are holding the power.  The deal they'll make is the one that is best for them. It may be a big publishing company, the Rebel new powerhouse (Amazon) or going it solo.  Whatever it is, it's long past time that the people producing the work have the power to control how they'll make money with it.

I know that despite all my cheering for indies, I'd look at an offer from Amazon or a big publisher. What I did would be decided by what's best for me and my family.  Despite all the rampant shouting, I think any writer would make the choice the same way - which is just what Joe, Barry, Courtney  and Amanda did.  Which is as it should be.

So the newest wrinkle in the indie revolution is that POWER HAS SHIFTED.  Writers now have "hand."  Joe and Barry's piece phrased this best: "If you're selling eggs, don't piss off your chickens."  

Publishers have long sold the eggs without respecting the chickens.  Now the tide has turned and that's the best possible result of the indie revolution.